“TXOne Networks offers OT cybersecurity to keep industrial operations running”

  • Which are the biggest challenges currently faced by the different industries?

The biggest challenges we see with our customers are on one hand the convergence between IT and OT (Operational Technology) and the associated risk of cyber-attacks. On the other hand, the current geopolitical stress in Europe has an impact on the supply chain, the shortage of staff, and new vertical regulations.

Probably will the increased integration of IT and OT to benefit from the Digital Transformation, become a double-edged sword for industrial companies. Especially those that keep security strategies for their IT and OT infrastructures separate. While this convergence enables them to monitor their operations closely, it will also expose organizations to unforeseen threats enlarging the attack surface.

  • How can technology help industries overcome those challenges?

Human errors and behavior are the biggest vulnerabilities in an industrial environment. But to change the mindset of engineers, months or years are needed, so technology can support companies in their main goal: to keep the operations running.

 To do this, OT cybersecurity vendors like TXOne Networks aggressively explore threat intelligence driven by AI and machine learning to protect highly regulated and sensible industries creating OT Security 4.0. Furthermore, we’re building a SaaS platform to utilize the intelligence collected from our solutions to identify malicious and abnormal asset behaviors.

  • How do companies benefit from your solutions?

We advise our customers to approach OT Security with a strategic vision aiming to avoid plant downtime. As a leading solution provider in OT cybersecurity, TXOne Networks enables its customers to respond to ever-changing cybersecurity threats and secure their OT environments by adopting our “OT Zero Trust” methodology throughout the industrial asset security life cycle. Our OT Zero Trust strategy is firstly supported by our network-based and endpoint-based technologies to secure the OT network and mission critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner. Secondly it is supported by our security inspection solution for air gapped endpoints and our capabilities, to empower governance risk and compliance policies.

TXOne Networks OT-native cybersecurity solutions have been adopted by over 4000 customers around the world, ranging from medium business to world leading multinationals (or industrial companies). These solutions empower global enterprises with the best confidence level for their OT security and ensure their worry-free concentration on their operational excellence.

  • How does the IOTSWC help the industrial ecosystem?

 At the IOTSWC23 visitors can learn about the latest IT and OT trends, systems and solutions and exchange ideas with like-minded people as well as build and expand their network. After Corona, it is simply nice to be able to meet customers, partners and colleagues in person again. It is the biggest OT related event in H1 in Spain, with an international crowd and a great place to showcase our solutions.

  • What will you showcase at IOTSWC23?

TXOne Networks will showcase a full stack of OT-native technologies to support our OT Zero Trust approach:

 Exhibition Highlights at Hall 4 (Stand 377):

  • Daily in-booth tech demo sessions featuring TXOne security experts demonstrating the latest cyber-attacks and TXOne Networks’ defense solutions
  • Innovative, award-winning portable security inspection “TMPS 3” product line
  • Award-winning endpoint security “Stellar” product line to safeguard endpoint assets
  • Industrial networking protection “Edge” Series with the sophisticated OT Defense Console

 The TXOne booth will be staffed with executives and security experts to meet and answer the most critical questions about anything related to OT cybersecurity.

 And do not miss the interesting keynotes & panel discussions of our partners and alliances:

  • Deloitte: „ An integrated approach to combat industrial cyber risk “, 31. January, 14:20-15:05, Breakout
  • Valmet: “ICS Security: How to navigate successfully in a multivendor and multisite world”, 01. February, 11.15-11.45, Keynote session
  • Baker Hughes & TXOne Networks:Supercharge your ICS Security Strategy – 5 lessons from the frontline to accelerate your cybersecurity capability
  • February, 13:20-13:50,
  • Who shouldn’t miss visiting your booth?

 A visit to our stand is interesting for all companies and industries that are dealing with OT (Operational Technology) cybersecurity, i.e., are threatened by cyber-attacks on their production facilities and networks.  This unfortunately applies to more and more companies, while the attacks are becoming increasingly serious. Critical infrastructure organizations, manufacturing organizations as well as healthcare and transportation companies or key industries such as automotive, semiconductors or pharmaceuticals benefit particularly. We will show how to comprehensively protect industrial assets and systems against cyber-attacks throughout the entire product lifecycle with state-of-the-art OT native protection solutions to “keep the operations running”.


The IOTSWC23 is a good opportunity to meet our European and Spanish team for an expert chat and a coffee, to check out our demos and to listen to the speeches of our expert speakers from Deloitte, Valmet and Baker Hughes.

 Answers are given by:

Maurizio Milazzo, Sales Director South Europe, TXOne Networks

Pedro Mier

Pedro Mier holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineer ing from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, MBA from ESADE and PADE from IESE. He is currently President of AMETIC (Association of Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies of Spain), Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TRYO Aerospace & Electronics, Board Member of the Premo Group and Committee of CTTC. member of Space Angels Network and Member of the Sc ientific Advisory