Technology enables quantum leaps in logistics efficiency

Saudi Arabia’s ambitions and context

Saudi Arabia is strategically located at the crossroads of important international trade routes connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe. Bordering the Red Sea on the west and the Arabian Gulf on the east, the Kingdom has access to major waterways, with a direct route to the Suez Canal, one of the crucial international trade lanes.

Central to Vision 2030 is to leverage these geographic advantages and make the Country a global logistics hub, improving the infrastructure of ports, railways, and airports while boosting the efficiency of logistics services.

Challenges for world-class logistics and warehousing

Several key issues undermine the goal of enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and integration of logistics networks to keep pace with the aspirations of making Saudi Arabia a world-class hub for logistics. Among them, supply chain visibility and tracking, efficient route planning, and automation of logistics processes are paramount for the Kingdom.

Transportation visibility across logistic players and geography holds the promise of true end-to-end supply chain control to drive optimal real-time execution, with particular emphasis on the management of supply chain disruptions and overall resilience in times of global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic or the recent geo-political upheavals.

Tracking and tracing are also critical pillars of food safety and compliance with legal and Islamic norms. They track every step of a food item’s journey from farm to table, including production, processing, distribution, and retail.

Route planning is critical to shortening the supply chain, streamlining not only the processes but fundamentally reducing the carbon footprints of overextended supply chains, as inducted by trade globalization.

Lastly, a significant challenge relies on the automation of logistic processes, especially the warehousing operations, to reduce order processing times, minimize human errors and the overall safety conditions of physical warehouses.

iot squared integrated logistics solutions

iot squared has devoted specific business segments to providing advanced logistics solutions, to tackle the challenges above.

Our portfolio includes an IoT platform for connected fleet management to ensure that all kinds of vehicles are used efficiently and safely and are also well maintained. The platform addresses the most crucial and recurring issues, including real-time tracking of the vehicles, condition monitoring and maintenance management, remote management of vehicles, including immobilization of vehicles, driver behaviour monitoring, geo-fencing providing alerts if the vehicle leaves its operating zone and emergency response services.

Tracking and tracing also plays a major role in our portfolio, with comprehensive tracking and monitoring solutions for diverse industries, including Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, with ad-hoc capabilities to monitor critical environmental conditions for temperature-sensitive goods, maintaining products integrity; Manufacturing & Retail, aiming at optimizing the processes through real-time insights into inventory levels and production processes; Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals, where we have developed powerful systems to monitor the Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), after the marine transportation of the heavy fuel, measuring the quantity and monitoring the level at each stage, from unloading, loading, land transport and offloading.

Lastly, it is worth considering the warehouse automation solutions offered by iot squared, oriented to streamline warehouse operations and inventory, providing also real-time visibility and integration with the production and sale processes.

On top of providing a real-time view of inventory and space utilized through active tracking, the solution is highly robotized, to expedite goods handling, while also providing extensive coverage of the safety conditions in the premises, by tracking and monitoring speed and acceleration in real-time, as much as applying Visual Artificial Intelligence applications, to monitor and control the behavior and the performance of employees.

Further information

Saudi Arabia, through its Vision 2030 strategic intent, has ambitious plans for industrial development and breakthroughs in supply chain practices and technologies.

As a key national provider, iot squared is pivotal in supporting the country’s ambitions and mobilizing a strong network of best-of-breed partners and solutions. We are very keen to discuss our solutions portfolio and strategic positioning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with international players to identify potential opportunities for cooperation and enlarging our partnership ecosystem.

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