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Discover the first announced speakers and sessions for the 2022 edition! 


Graham Baitson

Director, Platform Development & Automation

Stuart Bashford

Chief Digital Officer

Mark Bryant


Jesper Toubol

VP Operations – Moulding Production

Mark Geckeler

DPP Alliance Head 

.SPEAKER sessions

Volkswagen Group takes Production and Logistics to the Cloud

Volkswagen Group embarked on a multi-year collaboration to pioneer the creation of a digital production platform that is reinventing automotive manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics for Volkswagen and its brands. 

By using IoT, machine learning, and sophisticated analytics to unlock data from machines and systems across all of their plants, Volkswagen continues to strengthen their production and ability to build cars more efficiently, for the benefit of their customers and the global environment. Through sustainable innovation across people, processes and technology, learn how Volkswagen have been able to unlock new insights and accelerate business value through new digital solutions that have further increased plant efficiency and uptime, improved production flexibility, and increased vehicle quality.

Driving the Future of Healthcare Through Innovation

Currently ranked 7th on the FORTUNE 500, McKesson is an industry leader in pharmaceuticals and healthcare technology, an organization with a long history of leadership and impact that spans the entire healthcare sector. 

In this session, we will explore how the company has evolved multiple business units to meet the changing needs of their customers, providers, biopharma partners and the patients they collectively serve. Learn how pharmaceutical companies are leveraging automation and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain and augmented reality, to ultimately operate more effectively, lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

Behind the Bricks - Digital Technologies to Transform Business Model

There isn’t a person among us who hasn’t played with LEGOs at some stage in their lives. We pass on bags of LEGO bricks from generation to generation, yet the company still manufactures a whole lot of new LEGOs each year. 

In fact, laid end-to-end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in 2021 would stretch to more than 21 times around the globe. One of the reasons for the company’s success is the constant innovation of its manufacturing process, at all levels of industry. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges faced by the Danish toymaker on their digital transformation journey, and the key lessons learned along the way. Discover the emerging technologies in place to take productivity and quality to the next level and hear the company’s plan to make LEGO bricks from sustainable sources by 2030 without compromising quality or safety.

Bühler Group: A Digital Transformation Success Story

Digital transformation is not a new imperative for business leaders, yet it remains a work in progress for most companies. Bühler Group is one company that has radically transformed its business, delivering impact through digitalization to revolutionize almost every aspect of the food, feed and mobility industries. 

This session will spotlight Bühler’s journey, mapping out how they have deployed IOT, cloud computing and other innovative emergent technologies to completely re-engineer, automate and infuse intelligence across key business functions. Learn how they have used the power of digital to transform the physical aspects of their business and redefine the products they make, ultimately imparting more value for their customers and creating new levels of productivity, growth and sustainability.

Building the Future of Construction with Innovation

As a construction leader, PCL takes on all types of projects across civil, industrial and building sectors, using its scale and expertise to complete some of North America’s most important and impressive projects. 

The firm is also one of the most prominent innovators in its industry, leveraging emerging technologies to develop in-house solutions that routinely solve some of construction’s biggest problems. In his session, Mark Bryant, who was named 2019 ‘Canadian CIO of the Year’ will describe the journey that PCL has been on to become an agent of change, despite being in an industry that is typically slow to adopt digital transformation. Explore the range of jobsite IOT, site entry, logistics and AI solutions they have developed to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety at the worksite. In today’s world, digitalization is not an option, it is an absolute necessity. You are going to see a big difference between those companies that realize this and those that don’t. 

Volkswagen Group takes Production and Logistics to the Cloud