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Emergency One and Vodafone IoT connect fire engines for improved safety and efficiency

Emergency One (UK) Limited is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Vehicles and Appliances. Founded in 1989 and based in the west coast of Scotland they design and manufacture various vehicles to suit the requirements of fire and rescue services across the UK and now into Europe and the rest of the world.

Emergency One have established a key set of requirements that rescue workers need. As such the dashboard within their fire engines can now be configured to carry out a number of tasks automatically. These include e1Tag RFID sensors & hardware within the ‘kit’ area of the vehicle to ensure all the vital equipment is on board. Water sensors within the vehicle can measure how much water is on board and how much was used at an incident. The vehicle can also report when the blue lights and sirens are on ensuring that the teams are covered from an insurance perspective. When required the data collected from all the sensor points on the vehicles means a post-event report can be created centrally showing who was on board, how long an incident was attended for and other data required all on a custom built e1Fleet website, designed for the specific Fire & Rescue Services. All of this saves time and effort, allowing the rescue workers to focus on the main job of saving lives.

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