The Testbed Area

Come and join the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 and experience our top 11 testbeds in action!

The IoTSWC 2017 only event with a dedicated Testbed Area of over 500m2: A unique opportunity to experience the most advanced and innovative solutions to benefit your organization, in person.

Testbeds are experimentation platforms deployed and tested in an environment that resembles real -world conditions. They demonstrate new technologies to create new products & services, show how new technologies can be usefully deployed, fuel R&D ideas and opportunities, and generate an appreciable and measurable impact on new and existing markets. The IOT Solutions World Congress will show projects focused on products and services developed by leading industrial enterprises.

Take a look at the floor plan of the Testbeds that will be shown at the 3rd edition of the IoTSWC! They will be located at the epicenter of the hall.