Call for Testbeds

Submit your Testbed and get the chance to participate in our Testbed Area

IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 is the only event featuring demonstrations of Industrial IoT. The testbeds are strategically placed on our exhibition floor giving our attendees the opportunity to experience never seen before IoT in action.

By participating in the testbed area, your company will be able to show recent products and studies that it has been involved in, either alone or as a collaboration with other companies.

Our Testbeds Area is the perfect place to experience how the industrial usage of IoT can improve processes and the positive impact it has in terms of eg.: predictive analytics, Condition Monitoring, improving response times, real-time analytics, reduction in capital and operational expenditures, precise measurements and efficiency in general.
This area is one of the main reasons why many of our visitors chose to attend our event.

Testbeds – Putting IoT to work

The Call for Testbeds welcomes all submissions, however at least 1 participant must as well be an exhibitor in the 2017 edition of IOT Solutions World Congress.

The Call for Testbeds for the 2017 edition will be open soon.

For further information regarding Testbeds, please contact via e-mail to


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