One of the most critical challenges that the transportation and logistics industry is facing is how to move people and cargo safely and efficiently. Access to real-time data is crucial for companies to determine how to improve operational efficiency and performance. With tailor made IoT solutions, transportation and logistics enterprises connect devices to accelerate productivity.


Connected vehicles and traffic management centers will make transportation more secure, improve safety and traffic flow, and reduce costs for greater scale. This is fundamentally changing how passengers travel from point A to point B as well as the concept of car ownership. IoT transportation solutions for aviation, cargo routing, mass transit and highway systems and rail, offer new services to passengers, improve the quality of life in cities, avoid traffic jams before they happen, and improve communications on board trains and in stations.


In our dedicated ‘Connected Transport’ Track, we will outline the ways that industry IoT will create the new era of connected transportation and change how we travel and transport goods. It will offer opportunities for a new ecosystem bringing together all key stakeholders (manufacturers, public sector, private small and medium business, etc.), creating new jobs and enabling new innovations directly fueling local economies.


Learn how remote fleet management can increase the bottom line, how improvements in public transit and autonomous vehicles can prevent accidents and reduce insurance costs, and how data collected by all means of transportation vehicles can assist in reducing transportation costs and increase on-time deliveries.


Connected Vehicles
Real-time Tracking of Shipments
Autonomous Vehicles
Rideshare technologies and new mobility business models
Warehouse Capacity Optimization
Route Optimization
Smart Logistics
Improved Delivery Time
Crash Prevention Technologies
Temperature Controlled Environments for Perishable Shipments
Traffic Re-routing
Mobile Healthcare and medical services
Smart Emergency Services
Speed Optimization


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Smart IoT-Connected Rail Passenger Infotainment Solution by SADEL: