2016 Side Events

The IoT Solutions World Congress hosts a number of side events, organized by our sponsors, exhibitors, ambassadors and other partners. From October 25th to October 27th 2016, several activities related to IoT took place in the context of the event. These initiatives helped the visitors make the most of their visit to the IOTSWC 2016.

Information on 2017 Side Events will be available soon.


Participation in these events is open to the general public.

Intel – IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon

Organizer: Intel, IOTSWC16 Diamond Sponsor & IOTSWC

When:From October 23, 9:00 am non-stop until October 24, 5 pm

Beyond its revolutionary impact in business and industries, IoT has enormous potential to respond to critical problems in modern day societies. In this IoT Hackathon you will develop creative and innovative industrial solutions that will have a social application. You will have access to technologies at the edge, the gateway and into the cloud, innovate across the IoT network with the support of Intel platforms and tech teams.

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Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation (KIPS)

Organizer: Kaspersky Lab, IOTSWC16 Silver Sponsor

When: October Tuesday 25th at 16:00

Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions, and a Silver Sponsor of the IOTSWC16, invites attendees of the event to play KIPS, the Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation, a game of real-life cyber security threats and measures. A cross-functional teamwork in a competitive environment that will test your industry savvy and strategic thinking with dynamic gameplay and insights applicable in real-life situations.

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Robotics and IT to help elderly people with special needs

imatge esmorzar

Organizer: CTecno, IOTSWC16 Ambassadors

When: October Thursday 27th at 9:00

In recent years, population dependency and the ageing ratio have grown exponentially. Given these circumstances, IT should be viewed as a natural solution to fill certain service gaps. The science of robotics, for example, has advanced by leaps and bounds. Robots controlled by a smartphone that facilitate remote-working, or devices providing assistance to people with reduced mobility, for example, are now a reality. This networking breakfast will gather business representatives from pioneering companies in the use of these kinds of solutions, as well as other entities managing these needs, and will demonstrate how technologies can contribute to the independence and integration of persons with special needs.

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4.0 Industry Comission annual meeting at IoT Solutions World Congress


Organizer: Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya, Enginyers Informatics de Catalunya and Telecos.cat.

When: October Thursday 27th at 10:00

The conference will have two main aspects:

  • The presentation of the “framework” on 4.0 Industry, by Xavier Pi, representative of the Working Group Embedded Systems of the Industry 4.0 Comission (Industrial Engineers of Catalonia). It will conclude with a final round table where will participate: Benito Cerrillo (InformàTICs), Pere Tuset (Telecos.cat) and Miquel Obradors (EIC).
  • People and Industry 4.0 session will consist of two reports developed by Carlos Grau, Technology and Innovation partner of Konsac Group, and Juanjo Planes, head hunter and member of the Employment Board (Industrial Engineers of Catalonia). Both professionals will think about challenges, talents and profiles that have to make possible the use of the opportunities offered by the technologies involved in the 4.0 industry.

For collegiate members of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, registration should be made on http://www.eic.cat/user/login?destination=/jornades/1095357/inscripcio

For non collegiate members of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, registration should be made on http://www.eic.cat/jornades/1095357/inscripcio-nocol

*Note: This side event will be entirely in catalan.


Participation in the events listed under this category is not open to the general public, but subject to the organizers' requirements. Should you have any questions, please contact the organizer.

Exploring the Future of IOT Standards: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

Organizer: Intel (IOTSWC16 Diamond Sponsor)

When: Monday October, 24th from 9:00 – 16:00

BoD, committee and working group leaders from across the ecosystem are invited to engage in a highly-interactive, team-based open strategy workshop to perform strategy processing around the future of IOT standards and consortia. Participants will gain insights from thought leaders as well as learn about and apply cutting edge strategy design methods by tackling strategic challenges such as:

  • What will IOT standards look like in 2025 and what are implications to consortia from emerging challenges and opportunities?
  • How might we rethink and shape standards and consortia in order to unlock and create shared value across IOT ecosystems?

The resulting work products will be shared with their respective home organizations as well as their BOD, committees and working groups. We invite you to join us in Barcelona, Spain on Monday, October 24, 2016 as part of IOT Solutions World Congress.

For more information, please contact Luciano Oviedo, Luciano.C.Oviedo@intel.com


EtherNet/IP: Industrial Ethernet for the Internet of Things

Organizer: ODVA, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Tuesday 25 October, from 9:00 – 13:00

EtherNet/IP is the leading proven industrial automation communications technology based on standard Ethernet and Internet technology. Developed and managed by ODVA, an international trade and standards development organization, EtherNet/IP is supported by hundreds of supplier companies. This class has been specially designed for end users and OEMs in industrial automation. Attend to learn how EtherNet/IP’s network services, peer-to-peer architecture and standards-based approach ease integration of data between the plant floor to enterprise, helping you realize the full potential of industrial automation while reducing risk and the cost of integration. The use of EtherNet/IP in motion, safety, and energy management applications will also be discussed.

There is no cost to register. Registration should be made on https://www.odva.org/Happenings/Events/ModuleID/502/ItemID/47/mctl/EventDetails by October 19. For more information, please contact Adrienne Meyer, ameyer@odva.org

Fleet Management and Transport Routes Optimization

Organizer: CITET, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Tuesday 25 October, from 14h – 19:00

The application of IoT to logistics and transport will generate a revolution within this sector enabling the continuous synchronization of information on the flow of materials and monitoring and tracking objects through real-time locating system.

IoT Internet connects new elements, such as production plants, energy grids and transportation systems. Once we can represent the object or process digitally, this can be controlled from either side. This connectivity implies a greater volume of data collected from more places, with more ways to increase efficiency and improve safety.

The vast majority of organizations in logistics and transport sector are moving towards the adoption of IoT, increasing the use of sensor data, through systems of intelligent packaging and geolocation systems for managing their fleets and optimization distribution routes.

For more information, please contact Daniel Latorre dlatorre@citet.es


Imagine Barcelona IoT

Organizer: EADAElisavaImagine Creativity Center  and UPC

When: Wednesday 26 October, from 17:00 – 19:00

IMAGINE is a creativity program for innovation that counts with 20 participants (called dreamers) selected from different international companies, the Business School (EADA), the Design School (Elisava) and the University Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for its next edition – Imagine Barcelona IoT. The 20 dreamers will be working in teams, applying the Imagine Lombard Method, during three month this winter to develop disruptive solutions in the field of IoT for the 4 challenges presented by Business Partners.

For more information, please contact Daria Shornikova daria@imagine.cc or Lluís Cintas ll.cintas@gmail.com


IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs?

Organizer: FIB UPC, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Wednesday 26 October, from 09:00 – 13:00

The IoT SWC side event organized by inLab FIB will focus on new business paradigms based on IoT implementation in industry, services and the daily life of citizens. Special attention will be paid to challenges that IoT will imply for SMEs and the necessary change of paradigm in their business models. This session will be divided in 3 sections, covering relevant insights in IoT, Big Data Analytics and related Cyber Security, both from EU and local perspective. The first one will deal with the opportunities for SMEs offered by the H2020 BIG IoT project and the Barcelona Pilot. The second section will focus on added value IoT represents to the whole cycle of industrial business models. Finally, the last section will be devoted to Cyber Security, in terms of awareness, vulnerabilities and solutions.

inLab FIB is a research and innovation laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech (UPC).

There is no cost to register. Registration should be made on https://www.eventbrite.es/e/iot-new-business-paradigm-for-smes-iot-swc-side-event-tickets-26840333159 by October 23. For more information, please contact Iwona Maryla Maciejewska, iwona.maryla@fib.upc.edu

IoT Catalan Alliance: 5W1H of Catalonian digitalization process

Organizer: i2cat, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Wednesday 26 October, from 09:00 – 13:00

The IoT Catalan Alliance is promoted by the Government of Catalonia as one of the initiatives within the SmartCAT strategy to promote this new sector in our country. The alliance consists of a group of Catalan companies and organizations that are developing and implementing technological IoT solutions. This group provides a great environment for the key players of this industry to define a common action plan to promote IoT in Catalonia. The aim of the IoT Catalan Alliance is to provide an analysis of the digitization process that is taking place in Catalonia. To that end, we will gather together the main technological stakeholders as well as some disruptive startups that are paving the way of IoT Solutions in order to offer their vison about this global paradigm shift.

The conference partakers will answer the questions following the 5W1H principle.

  • What is happening?
  • When is it start?
  • Where is it taking place?
  • Who is doing that?
  • Why is that happening?
  • How is it happening?

For more information, please contact Miquel de la Mano, miquel.delamano@i2cat.net

IT Board of Directors Meeting

Organizer: Impulsa, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Wednesday 26 October, from 9:00 – 13:00

IT Directors from different companies and organizations will meet within the Framework of the IOTSWC to talk about the Internet of Things and security. In this side event, the risks and defense mechanisms of Technology will be discussesd, which are becoming increasingly incorporated into the net.

For more information, please send an email to info@ajuntamentimpulsa.cat

IoT Trends Forum "Energy Efficiency and Sustainability"

Organizer: Enertic, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Thursday 27 October, from 09:00 – 13:00

The forum has four conference sessions: IoT: The engine of efficient digital transformation. Energy optimization in the Internet of Things ecosystem. The impact of IoT in the Smart Data Centers. Reference projects: IoT to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. It is aimed at: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Managers from the Energy industry, Innovation Managers, Consultants, and Professionals in the Facility Management field…

The forum will have a special focus on networking and participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with leading industry professionals in IoT.

Access to the forum is by invitation only, guaranteeing exclusivity and assistance of 200 professionals to whom it is addressed.

For more information, please contact Víctor Giménez, vgimenez@enertic.org

V Congress ISACA Barcelona

Organizer: ISACA, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Thursday 27 October, from 09:00 – 13:00

The V ISACA Barcelona Congress, “Value and secured management” under the slogan “Internet of Everything: key topics for Cybersecurity, Data Sovereignty and Regulation” will gather again recognized professionals from different sectors specialized in the use and optimization of IT, in order to provide them with a professional and efficient vision about its importance to achieve the goals of any Organization.

Through different keynotes, the attendees will discover new innovations, knowledge and ideas that will help them become more competitive in IT, a sector constantly changing, in which anticipating the opportunities is crucial to achieve success. It is an interesting opportunity to learn from IT reference professionals; how to use these tools and how take advantage of the current information society possibilities.

For more information, please contact Carles Mateu, carles.mateu@isacabcn.org

Safety management in the logistics activity and transport: Goods and Information

Organizer: CEL, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Wednesday 26 October, from 14:00 – 19:00

Management Logistics and transport activity has undergone major changes in recent years among other things to advances in the speed of information exchange, computer mobility and new communication schemes, radically changing processes and acquiring for this very important privacy and security of information handled.

These two aspects play an important role in the IoT, by the amount of information generated due to the growing demand for connectivity “things” along the entire supply chain, which requires special attention by big volumes of information being handled.

For more information, please contact Ramón García rgarcia@cel-logistica.org


Space IT, Health and Social

Organizer: TicSalut, IOTSWC16 Ambassador

When: Tuesday 25 October, and Wednesday 26 October, from 09:00 – 13:00

The Foundation TicSalut will participate at the IoT Solutions World Congress as an Ambassador, and will have a personalized space aimed at receiving different personalities from the sector and connected to IT, Health and Social, in order to let them know first hand the news related to IoT in Healthcare, and to talk, among other themes, about Digital Health and mHealth. This side event, aims to be a meeting point of these sectors and will host a keynote from an IoT expert, who will connect the present and the future of this main and disruptive topic of the event. TicSalut invites you to participate a a partner of the side event, and to take part in one of the industrial IoT world reference events.

For more information, please contact Adrià Garcia Font, agarciafont@ticsalut.cat