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Mon 28
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W2 – Putting the Human at the Center of IoT Solutions

13:00 16:00 Europe/Madrid W2 – Putting the Human at the Center of IoT Solutions

Healthcare is about people. When designing solutions for healthcare, the human-focus is often secondary, as technology advancement takes the front seat. This can lead to disconnect and ultimately resulting in resistance to adopt the technology. This workshop will focus on putting the human at the center of your solution. By tapping into Human Centered Design principles, this workshop provides you with the tools to intentionally put the humans back into your product design equation and how to talk and pitch your solutions in a human-centric industry. 

Room 1.2 - CC1
13:00h - 16:00h Room 1.2 - CC1
Tue 29
Congress Healthcare

HC-01 – Future of Healthcare IoT. Now.

Jules Lancee Radboudumc REshape Center for Innovation Biomedical Engineer
Gloria Zaionz Innovation Learning Network Tech Guru
12:05 12:50 Europe/Madrid HC-01 – Future of Healthcare IoT. Now.

Robots. AI. Mixed Reality. Autonomous Transportation. Genomics. Blockchain. These exponential technologies offer health care systems of today a path to transform into the systems of the future. A new reality built on the platforms and capabilities of today's IoT devices and platform. This session will discuss how health care systems are leveraging exponential IoT technologies in today's setting and their lessons learned. Join us for a talk on the path to tomorrow's IoT technology.

Room 4
12:05h - 12:50h Room 4
Congress Healthcare

HC-02 – R4Heal – The development of an interactive healing environment for better recovery of postoperative patients

Merlijn Smits R4Heal, Radboud University Medical Center Design Manager
12:55 13:40 Europe/Madrid HC-02 – R4Heal – The development of an interactive healing environment for better recovery of postoperative patients

Within the coming years, every in-patient of the Radboud University Medical Center will stay in a hospital room that is personalized based on preferences, characteristics and continuously measured needs of the individual. Using IoT technology, the single patient hospital room is optimally designed for giving a human centered experience. This session explores R4Heal, the first global initiative offering hospitalized patients a smart healing environment. See how visuals, sounds, games and smells allow for personalizing postoperative care and meeting individual needs and get insights into the development and adoption of this new set of technologies in the hospital.

Room 4
12:55h - 13:40h Room 4
Congress Healthcare

HC-03 – Journey toward “smart” exam rooms in behavioral healthcare

Lynn Zhang Sana Healthcare Chief Data Officer
Michael Godoy University of California Program Director, Telemedicine and Scalable Therapeutics
15:50 16:35 Europe/Madrid HC-03 – Journey toward “smart” exam rooms in behavioral healthcare

This session showcases the business case, implementation plan, and technology stack/roadmap being followed to create "smart" exam rooms to be used in behavioral health to help mitigate the shortage of providers that underlies the crisis in meeting the needs of patients. Use of sensors to record interactions, analysis of inputs, and production of meaningful analytics to improve care outcomes will be discussed.

Room 4
15:50h - 16:35h Room 4
Congress Healthcare

HC-04 – Industrial Revolution in Drug Discovery & Production

Lukasz Paciorkowski Merck Enterprise Architect
Jean-Luc Gerling Merck Life Science
16:40 17:25 Europe/Madrid HC-04 – Industrial Revolution in Drug Discovery & Production

The Biopharma industry is at a pivot point. Increasing cost pressure and growing regulations require new approach towards research and the production of drugs. Personalized medicine and other market trends demand smaller batches with variable production parameters. To answer the market demand, Merck is rethinking and redesigning every part of the ecosystem, integrating new technologies with industrial automation platforms to deliver game changing capabilities for drug manufacturers. This session will explore the concepts, design principles, challenges and achievements of the interdisciplinary team which is on a mission to revolutionize the way drugs are discovered and produced.

16:40h - 17:25h Auditorium
Congress Healthcare

HC-05 Health Care Security Panel

Sumita Yadav Catholic Health Services of Long Island
Gaurav Shukla DeloitteTouch Tohmatsu India LLP Partner
Robert Dobson Device Authority Director of Technology
18:15 19:00 Europe/Madrid HC-05 Health Care Security Panel Room 4
18:15h - 19:00h Room 4
Wed 30
Congress Healthcare

HC-06 – Sanitas Hospital at Home: IoT as a Cornerstone of a Liquid Hospital

César Morcillo Serra Sanitas Head of Internal Medicine, Digital Medicine Unit
11:15 12:00 Europe/Madrid HC-06 – Sanitas Hospital at Home: IoT as a Cornerstone of a Liquid Hospital

The concept of a Liquid Hospital is not just supported by technology but is only possible through combining IoT technology, innovative ways of working and modern innovation. Breaking down the systemised walls for the provision of care is the key to disruption. This session spotlights Sanitas' Hospital-at-Home unit, which provides safe, high-quality, hospital-level care to patients in the comfort of their own homes, through an IoT connected health platform. Discover how modern innovation is driving constant contact between patient and health provider, by connecting medical wearables with a mobile app.  See how all data is analyzed by the artificial intelligence system, which generates alarms in case of decompensation of the disease and warns the health care team, to contact the patient by video visit.

Room 4
11:15h - 12:00h Room 4
Congress Healthcare

HC-08 – Mobile Health Monitoring for Asthma

Michelle Hernandez University of North Carolina Medical Center Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Allergy, Immunology, & Rheumatology, Chief Medical Officer & Associate Director of Clinical Research
Gul Edge SAS Senior Director, Advanced Analytics R&DIOT Division, SAS Institute Professor of Pediatrics, UNC School of Medicine
12:05 12:50 Europe/Madrid HC-08 – Mobile Health Monitoring for Asthma

Mobile health technology using wearables has the potential to integrate seamlessly into the daily routine, accurately sense physiologic changes that predict an asthma exacerbation, provide personalized monitoring of air pollution exposures such as ozone, and provide patients with instant feedback that allows them to intervene early to prevent progression to more severe symptoms and/or an asthma exacerbation.  This approach has high potential to make a significant public health and economic impact to reduce asthma-related morbidity and mortality.

Room 4
12:05h - 12:50h Room 4
Congress Healthcare

HC-07 – Digital Humans in Health & Care

14:40 15:25 Europe/Madrid HC-07 – Digital Humans in Health & Care

Before digital humans arrived on the scene, there existed a collection of predecessors by the names of avatars, chatbots, AI, virtual assistants or virtual humans. Digital humans are the embodiment of these predecessors and overlaid with a digitally rendered human-like interaction capability. They wink, grimace, smile, look at you and interact with you as you would with any other fellow human being. This session will focus on the 'why' of digital humans - from the science of human engagement to the social side of emotional connection with other humans to real examples in health care. 

Room 4
14:40h - 15:25h Room 4
Congress Healthcare

HC-10 – How to Not Get Duped in your Healthcare IoT Investment

Anwar Parvez Workiva
John Denning lluvatar CoreX Director
16:35 17:20 Europe/Madrid HC-10 – How to Not Get Duped in your Healthcare IoT Investment

Health and science startups seem uniquely positioned to fool investors and the public.  Theranos is a well-known example of a risky healthare investment gone wrong, but a handful of other new health and science ventures have raised questions too. In this session, we will present several case studies of IOT in healthcare. And half of them will be totally made up. The audience will be asked to identify which ones are real. 

Room 1
16:35h - 17:20h Room 1
Thu 31
Congress Healthcare

HC-09 – Sensor Based Analysis of Movement for Quantification of Pain, Discomfort and Disequilibrium

Mark Wolff SAS Institute Chief Health and Life Science Analytics Strategist - IoT
11:00 11:45 Europe/Madrid HC-09 – Sensor Based Analysis of Movement for Quantification of Pain, Discomfort and Disequilibrium

Impaired mobility associated with a number of chronic diseases and aging is emerging as a significant global health challenge. Critical to addressing this challenge will be the development of novel methods of assessing and measuring human motion.  Such assessments will be critical in evaluating the value and impact of therapeutic interventions. There are many examples of sensors used to study many aspects of human motion. Such analyses are often complex and expensive. Rapid advances have been made in the development of smaller inexpensive, sensitive and capable sensors such as Multi-Axis Inertial Measurement Units. In this session we describe the application of machine learning techniques and a consumer grade IMU to study clinically relevant human movement and to develop robust correlates between pathology, pain, discomfort and disequilibrium.

Room 2
11:00h - 11:45h Room 2