Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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Unai Sánchez Luque

CTO | HumanITcare Barcelona, Spain


Early career as a software developer, formation in Innovation and Research in Informatics with a specialization in Advanced Computing, job experience in Data Science and currently CTO in humanITcare, working in cloud, web, mobile and data solutions that involve Health IoT data.


Congress Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems Forum

AI-05 – Improving Patients Health with IoT

Unai Sánchez Luque HumanITcare CTO
Laura González Gardó Hospital Vall d'Hebron Researcher
12:55 13:40 Europe/Madrid AI-05 – Improving Patients Health with IoT

Learn how a leading hospital in Spain, Hospital Vall d'Heborn, is monitoring the stress of caregivers (60 participants) of children with neurological disorders by using physiological sensors to track physical activity, sleep patterns, movement and location. Discover how they have used the sensor data collected to help detect chronic stress and put resources towards managing it.  Discover the economic impact of this program, and how they have reduced the cost of visits, provided better knowledge and clinical decisions for the healthcare community and most importantly, improved the quality of life of caregivers and patients.

AI Forum - Room 7
12:55h - 13:40h AI Forum - Room 7