Tomaz Levak

Co-founder & Managing Director | Trace Labs Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Tomaz co-founded Trace Labs in 2013 with a mission to bring transparency to supply chains. Under his leadership, Trace Labs started developing major blockchain-based traceability solutions, became the core developer for the OriginTrail protocol and performed implementations for clients globally.


Congress Blockchain Solutions World

BC-07 – Reinventing agriculture and food industry with blockchain panel

Martha Montoya AgTools President
Antoine Giros Bureau Veritas Food Development Director
Tomaz Levak Trace Labs Co-founder & Managing Director
Tristram Borgmann Co-Founder
Emmanuel Delerm Carrefour Group Blockchain Program Director
15:35 16:20 Europe/Madrid BC-07 – Reinventing agriculture and food industry with blockchain panel

The food supply chain provides some of the strongest blockchain examples in the market today. Global retailers and local farmers are using blockchain to track food of all kinds from the original farm to the end customer. This can include tracking fruits & vegetables for safety purposes – making it easier to isolate contaminated foods. It can also include tracking wine & spirits for authenticity, reducing counterfeit goods and ensuring customers get what they paid for. This panel will discuss: What are the use cases that are most evolved in the agricultural industry today? How is blockchain changing partnerships & supplier/customer relationships through consortia? Why is blockchain a better solution than other technologies? What issues do players in the agricultural industry need to overcome to participate effectively in blockchain-based solutions?

Room Blockchain Solutions World
15:35h - 16:20h Room Blockchain Solutions World