Sanjay Sarma

Vice President of Open Learning | Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, United States of America


Sanjay Sarma is the Fred Fort Flowers (1941) and Daniel Fort Flowers (1941) Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and the Vice President Open Learning at MIT. He co-founded the Auto-ID Center at MIT and developed many of the key technologies behind the EPC suite of RFID standards now used worldwide.


Congress Connected Transport

CT-11 – The Future of Information Technology through the Eyes of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Joseph Barkai The Outcome Economy: How the Industrial Internet of Things is Transforming Every Business Industry Analyst and Consultant, Public Speaker, Blogger and Author
Thomas Wilson Graphcore Vice President, Automotive
Sanjay Sarma Massachusetts Institute of Technology Vice President of Open Learning
Alexander Soley Dell Technologies Senior Analyst, Strategic Business Development
Klaus Schaaf Volkswagen AG Distributed Ledger Evangelist
29-10-2019 18:15 29-10-2019 19:00 Europe/Madrid CT-11 – The Future of Information Technology through the Eyes of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Connected & autonomous vehicles will generate zettabytes of data and collect just as much from their surrounding environment. In fact, some of the data that should arguably be publicly accessible can help create products and services such as improved brakes that may eventually become standard. Creating cost-effective ecosystems is key to achieving the highest ROI. In this session, we will explore what data should be stored in the vehicle, the cloud, the edge, or at a data center; how data is collected from other vehicles, infrastructure, and the environment through sensors; and how to set up data management systems to collect, index, and tag the data to aid analysis and support AI workloads. We will consider different scenarios, such as using black box systems vs. allowing small data sets that can be translated to stakeholders such as governments and other organizations.

18:15h - 19:00h Auditorium