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W3 – Enabling the IoT Startups Workshop

Jesse DeMesa Momenta Partners Managing Partner
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect
Arila Barnes AXM Software LLC Managing Director
Sastry Malladi Foghorn CTO
Carolina Vilas Blanco Titan Fire System
Rabi Chakraborty SAS IOTIED
Ilona Hillel-Goldner Sternum
Jon Geater Jitsuin
Krishna Anne Jitsuin
Rob Brown Jitsuin
28-10-2019 13:00 28-10-2019 16:00 Europe/Madrid W3 – Enabling the IoT Startups Workshop

The success of Industrial IoT depends on the collaboration with the entire ecosystem. In this session, IoT startups will showcase the challenges they are tackling and the success stories of their accomplishments. Established IoT technology and solution providers will provide an overview of their offerings, that are relevant to the IoT Startups. The venture arm of these companies and other VC firms will highlight on how they evaluate IoT startups and how best to work with them.  The goal is to allow discovery of avenues for collaborations between the IoT startups and other stakeholders in the Ecosystem.

CC1 - Room 1.3
13:00h - 16:00h CC1 - Room 1.3