Óscar Lázaro

Managing Director | Innovalia Association Bilbao, Spain


Director of Innovalia & coordinator of the European lighthouse initiative BOOST 4.0 on Big Data for Industry 4.0. Innovalia develops products in cybersecurity, V&V, mobile 3D visualisation, AI / big data, quality control instrumentation, digital platforms & ZDM solutions for automotive, aeronautics.


Congress Manufacturing

MF-14 – Zero Defect Manufacturing using Open Source Technology

Ulrich Ahle FIWARE Foundation CEO
Óscar Lázaro Innovalia Association Managing Director
30-10-2019 14:40 30-10-2019 15:25 Europe/Madrid MF-14 – Zero Defect Manufacturing using Open Source Technology

Digital Twin is a concept which develop in Product Engineering and is now more and more used also in other areas of the product lifecycle like in production or during operation of a product. Today this different digital twin are often created as silos with limited possibility to exchange data. The presentation will show how to solve this challenges and how integrated digital twins along the whole product lifecycle can be realized. The solution is based on the architecture of the International Data Spaces Association using the open source technology of FIWARE providing predictive maintenance services while ensuring data sovereignty. It will be explained how the Overall Equipment Efficiency is improved while at the same time the data sovereignty is increased.

Room 3
14:40h - 15:25h Room 3