Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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Mark Crawford

Director, Standards Strategy | SAP Lake Mary, United States of America


Creates/Implements SAP standards strategies. Co-chair IIC Thought Leadership TG/coeditor IIC Journal of Innovation. OMG board member. Member IoTSWC Program Committees for Open Industry & AI. Speaks internationally on emerging technology and standards topics with focus on openness/interoperability.


Congress Open Industry

OI-03 – Standards Essential Patents & the Internet of Things: Key Perspectives

Brian Scarpelli ACT | The App Association Senior Global Policy Counsel
Sylvie Vollet Airties General Counsel
Mark Crawford SAP Director, Standards Strategy
16:40 17:25 Europe/Madrid OI-03 – Standards Essential Patents & the Internet of Things: Key Perspectives

Today, technical standards for interoperability and innovation represent key protocols (Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, etc.) that ensure compatibility and to promote competition. Moving forward these technical standards will underlie the development of an increasingly seamlessly internet-connected Internet of Things. As standards are developed, patented technologies are often contributed to the effort. "Standards essential patents" (SEPs) are patents covering technology implemented into a technical standard to the degree that an implementer of the technical standard must use the patent. Understanding SEP-related legal and policy issues is important to any organization that creates technology or provides products and services related to technical standard.  Join this session to learn about, and engage on, SEP licensing negotiation tactics, international perspectives on IP enforcement, emerging legal and policy developments across key venues, and the ultimate impact on IoT technology developers.

Room 2
16:40h - 17:25h Room 2
Congress Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems Forum

AI-24 – Panel Discussion: The Future of AI

Edy Liongosari Accenture Labs Chief Research Scientist
Wael William Diab Huawei Technologies
Aldo Boitano TOC Biometrics Country Manager
Mark Crawford SAP Director, Standards Strategy
Tilak Kasturi Predii
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation
Jennifer Bennett Google Cloud
Enas Ashraf Advansys ESC
K. Eric Harper ABB Corporate Research Senior Principal Scientist
13:10 13:55 Europe/Madrid AI-24 – Panel Discussion: The Future of AI

Artificial Intelligence is enabling new and emerging aspects of digital business -- from basic and applied research, data and digital infrastructure, industrialization, forecasting, decision making, customer interaction to ethical behavior and regulatory policy and oversight, and this is just beginning. Our panel of experts, taking into account the presentations and panels from this week, will be sharing their perspective on the Future of Artificial Intelligence from a business perspective: where it is heading in the next 3 years and beyond, what aspects of business will be more impacted than others, what challenges business will be facing, and how to best prepare for it.

AI Forum - Room 7
13:10h - 13:55h AI Forum - Room 7