Lynn Zhang

Chief Data Officer | Sana Healthcare San Francisco, United States of America


Lynn Zhang is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer at Sana Healthcare. Her specialties are business analytics, data visualization and big data technology. Her passion is to revolutionize the mental health industry and ease the life of approximately 580,000 therapists in the United States.


Congress Healthcare

HC-03 – Journey toward “smart” exam rooms in behavioral healthcare

Lynn Zhang Sana Healthcare Chief Data Officer
Michael Godoy University of California Program Director, Telemedicine and Scalable Therapeutics
15:50 16:35 Europe/Madrid HC-03 – Journey toward “smart” exam rooms in behavioral healthcare

This session showcases the business case, implementation plan, and technology stack/roadmap being followed to create "smart" exam rooms to be used in behavioral health to help mitigate the shortage of providers that underlies the crisis in meeting the needs of patients. Use of sensors to record interactions, analysis of inputs, and production of meaningful analytics to improve care outcomes will be discussed.

Room 4
15:50h - 16:35h Room 4