Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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Jules Lancee

Biomedical Engineer | Radboudumc REshape Center for Innovation Nijmegen, Netherlands


Through the exploration of emerging digital health technologies with patients and professionals Jules Lancee helps to guide the Radboud university medical center towards a healthier future.


Congress Healthcare

HC-01 – Future of Healthcare IoT. Now.

Jules Lancee Radboudumc REshape Center for Innovation Biomedical Engineer
Gloria Zaionz Innovation Learning Network
12:05 12:50 Europe/Madrid HC-01 – Future of Healthcare IoT. Now.

Robots. AI. Mixed Reality. Autonomous Transportation. Genomics. Blockchain. These exponential technologies offer health care systems of today a path to transform into the systems of the future. A new reality built on the platforms and capabilities of today's IoT devices and platform. This session will discuss how health care systems are leveraging exponential IoT technologies in today's setting and their lessons learned. Join us for a talk on the path to tomorrow's IoT technology.

Room 4
12:05h - 12:50h Room 4