Jörn Göres

Manager Connected Cars | Daimler AG Sindelfingen, Germany


Jörn Göres is Manager Connected Cars at Daimler AG. He drives the development of Cloud enabled Vehicle Functions and Frameworks and the extension of vehicles into the IoT, Jörn has more than 15 years experience in the development of production grade automotive systems and holds a PhD in Physics.


Congress Connected Transport

CT-05 – The Automotive IoT Revolution

Sven Schrecker LHP Engineering Services VP of Cyber Security
Dirk Slama Bosch Software Innovations Chief Alliance Officer
Jörn Göres Daimler AG Manager Connected Cars
30-10-2019 11:15 30-10-2019 12:00 Europe/Madrid CT-05 – The Automotive IoT Revolution

Due to the automotive industry's deep penetration into modern society, new technologies such as electrification, autonomous driving, and connected vehicle are advancing automotive capabilities at a dizzying rate. We explore how these technologies evolved in automotive and what considerations are important going forward. On the flip-side, there are concerns related to the safety of these vehicles, as well as their reliability, due to the rapid innovation and technological adoption. Concerns around the security, privacy, and resilience of these new vehicles abound. This panel of experts explores the evolution of automotive up through today, the impact of IoT on the vehicles, and what considerations may be important going forward. What are the impacts of technology on the reliability of the vehicles? How do the evolving privacy considerations come into play? This panel includes and OEM, a Tier 1, and an Insurance panelist. The panel will be quite interactive with the audience.

11:15h - 12:00h Auditorium