Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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Jordi Estapé



Congress Blockchain Solutions World

BC-15 – Openvino – Vine to Wine to Dine: A New Paradigm

Jordi Canal Aubay
Jordi Estapé Aubay
Mike Barrow Costaflores Organic Vineyard Project Lead
15:00 15:45 Europe/Madrid BC-15 – Openvino – Vine to Wine to Dine: A New Paradigm

As advances in technology rapidly transform our world, the wine business, often perceived as an arcane mix of immutable tradition and arbitrary complexity, will not be exempt. This session explores the OpenVino Project, which seeks to revolutionize the way wine is thought about, sold, and consumed.  Come hear lessons learned along the way to creating the OpenVino project, a collection of open source software packages and business processes to create the first open-source winery that seeks to solve the main problems of the wine sector. Learn how you can reference and adapt this business model, and how they are using blockchain to ensure extreme transparency, complete traceability and the use of a new paradigm for price definition.

Room Blockchain Solutions World
15:00h - 15:45h Room Blockchain Solutions World