Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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Jack Trigger

Director and Skipper | Trigger Racing London, United Kingdom


Jack is a solo sailor, racing in the world’s foremost ocean races. With an engineering background from Oxford University, finding a competitive edge through innovative thinking is a major focus for the team. Jack is also Type 1 diabetic, and an ambassador for pushing boundaries with the condition.


Congress Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems Forum

AI-19 – Machine Learning at the Extreme: Teaching AI to Sail

Jack Trigger Trigger Racing Director and Skipper
Eric Topham T-DAB CEO and Data Science Director
Pedro Baiz Baiz WisConT Co-founder and CTO
Roman Kastusik The Data Analysis Bureau Data Scientist
Stanislas Hannebelle The Data Analysis Bureau MSc Student
18:15 19:00 Europe/Madrid AI-19 – Machine Learning at the Extreme: Teaching AI to Sail

Adoption of AI in IoT applications currently presents multiple challenges. Everything should start by identifying the most important problems and opportunities for end users. In high-performance sailing, a clear opportunity was identified: improving the autopilot. This talk explores the technical efforts and achievements using recurrent neural networks, deep reinforcement learning, and optimisation techniques, combined with domain knowledge to produce an autopilot that can operate either as a digital twin of the sailor, or develop its own style and strategy. Discover how solution co-creation between end user, subject matter experts, data scientist, academics, among others, takes place using an agile approach. You will see how implementation of solution, which spanned culture and process changes (not just technology) was undertaken (digital transformation program).

AI Forum - Room 7
18:15h - 19:00h AI Forum - Room 7