Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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Glenn Schnieders

Product Manager IoT | Brussels Airport Company Brussels, Belgium


IoT manager at Brussels Airport Company with a passion for aviation and making the world a smarter place!


Congress Connected Transport

CT-06 – What Does Your Air Travel Look Like in 2040?

Helena Lisachuk Deloitte Consulting Global Lead, IoT
Glenn Schnieders Brussels Airport Company Product Manager IoT
Anes Hodzic Airbus
12:05 12:50 Europe/Madrid CT-06 – What Does Your Air Travel Look Like in 2040?

With the explosion of IoT and connected devices, real-time location intelligence is critical for unlocking deeper actionable insights. Learn how companies are partnering to create mobility ecosystems that deliver the next generation of mobility solutions and location intelligence. Attend this session to hear all of the latest information on connected vehicle platform and maps capabilities, partner use cases of traffic analysis, fleet management, private and indoor mapping, electric vehicle charging, public transit services & smart city management.

12:05h - 12:50h Auditorium