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MF-07 – Evolution of Digital Twins in Factory Automation

Maximilian Schroeck Deloitte Consulting Sr. Partner and Principal
Josef Kriegmair MTU Aero Engines AG Representative Production Turbine Blade / Structure Castings
Brad Surak Hitachi Vantara
16:40 17:25 Europe/Madrid MF-07 – Evolution of Digital Twins in Factory Automation

Factories of the future are growing around the world. Every sector and industry has several examples of advancements implemented as pilots or rolled out at scale. When one decomposes the key elements of the Factory of the Future, one common denominator becomes clear – it a concept of Digital Twin. Digital Twin is an exact copy of a physical object or process. More precisely, it is “an evolving digital profile of the historical and current behavior of a physical object or process that helps optimize business performance.” Join this panel to hear the stories of experts who deployed digital twins for Industrial Automation of OEM factory lines, modeling nuclear reactors to predict precise performance / impact and other breath-taking examples of “Twins Revolution” in manufacturing.

Room 1
16:40h - 17:25h Room 1
Women and Diversity in Industry Open Industry

OI-16 – Moving the Needle

Sally Saba Consultant
Teresa Tung Accenture Labs Managing Director
Jaishree Subramania Microsoft Senior Director, Product Marketing IOT Azure
Egon Hoppe Deloitte Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Brad Surak Hitachi Vantara
Jenn Mann SAS
16:35 17:20 Europe/Madrid OI-16 – Moving the Needle

Learn what companies are doing to promote women leaders and diversity in the workplace. Hear about programs that are working, lessons learned, goals for the future, and how culture has changed as a result. 

Room 5
16:35h - 17:20h Room 5