Adrian Fielding

General Manager - Emissions Control & Reduction | Honeywell Maidstone , United Kingdom
Adrian Fielding


Adrian is the General Manager for Emissions Control & Reduction at Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS). He is responsible for driving the overall strategy and development of this initiative. Adrian has been with Honeywell for over 16 years and before his current role, Adrian was responsible for the overall strategy of the safety and security business related to digital transformation within HPS.


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Automating Emissions Control & Reduction for Accuracy and Profitability

Adrian Fielding
Adrian Fielding Honeywell General Manager - Emissions Control & Reduction Speaker

#Chemicals, #Energy, #Oil and Gas, #Predictive Maintenance, #Sustainability, #Utilities

02-02-2023 14:15 02-02-2023 14:45 Europe/Madrid Automating Emissions Control & Reduction for Accuracy and Profitability

IIoT devices are providing automated, continuous, and actionable data to accurately measure methane emissions that can be baselined and subsequently reduced. Current periodic or estimated emissions see only a snapshot of the real picture, therefore how can industry truly report progress on sustainability targets when they don't know all of the facts? Only by improving visibility and identifying previously unseen process venting through IIoT devices integrated into automated software solutions that provide actionable insights can industry be confident of improved sustainability performance & profitability.

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Pedro Mier

Pedro Mier holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineer ing from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, MBA from ESADE and PADE from IESE. He is currently President of AMETIC (Association of Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies of Spain), Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TRYO Aerospace & Electronics, Board Member of the Premo Group and Committee of CTTC. member of Space Angels Network and Member of the Sc ientific Advisory