Barcelona - 29-31 OCTOBER 2019
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The Open Industry Track will focus on real-world IoT applications in such segments agriculture, construction, cosmetics, defense, finance, mining, pharmaceuticals, and other verticals where the promise and potential of connected technologies addressing tomorrow’s challenges are realized today.

Other top industry areas include insurance, where the compound annual growth rate for IoT solutions is expected to be more than 17% over the next five years, national and local governments (with roughly a 16% CAGR expected, according to market researcher IDC).

Sessions will profile the practical use of IoT solutions, including case studies that detail the challenges met and solutions utilized in implementing IoT solutions that have a demonstrable and positive ROI benefit. Learn about specific deployments and uses of IoT and related technologies, including the initial objectives, expected outcomes, and the project roadmap.


  • Data analysis and collection techniques and the role of predictive and presumptive forecasting
  • IoT at the edge and the use of distributed compute deployment and intelligence alternatives
  • Visualization and simulations tools to filter data and provide faster and more effective ways to spot trends and key issues and enable near real time intervention where necessary
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality as a means to visualize and present IoT information
  • AI and machine learning as a critical factor in the success of IoT systems (edge intelligence, pre-processing, inference engines etc.)
  • Integration of IoT and Blockchain solutions
  • Security solutions and safeguards, particularly those applied at the edge and point of data collection (security-smart IoT sensing.)
  • Governance and data validation safeguards to assure accuracy and provide irrefutable audits
  • Connectivity options and alternatives (private networks/ private LTE (agriculture, mining), Use of Long Range Low Power (Lora, Sigfox, NBIoT), 5G
  • Legacy connectivity options and solutions (bridge systems, multiple networks, mesh, etc.)
  • IoT disruption and transformation in established industries like mining and railroads