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Come and learn how adding Artificial Intelligence to Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions can completely transform and bring the solutions to the next level. Enhanced insights, complex decision making, self-learning and self-healing are just a few of the capabilities that AI enables. It also provides much more sophisticated user interactions and richer experiences. The possibilities that AI brings to IIoT are endless. Hear the success stories of how AI is applied to IIoT systems and get a look at how this emerging technology is changing the industry and landscape.


  • Applications, use cases and/or vertical industry use cases of AI in IoT
  • Algorithmic training, landscape and open source
  • AI Security, Privacy and Trustworthiness
  • Infrastructures supporting AI-enabled IIoT systems
  • Societal impact of AI
  • AI computational techniques (e.g. machine learning, genetic algorithms, etc.)
  • AI system architectures and related technologies (e.g. Big Data)
  • AI system development and deployment processes, methodologies and best practices
  • AI ethical considerations (e.g. algorithmic bias)
  • Emerging industry ecosystem and landscape (e.g. standardization, industry alliances, etc.)