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OI16 – IoT Powered Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector

The panel discussion will deep dive on IoT transforming asset financing and insurance costs / liability shifts. These models are based on the actual use of factory assets, logistics fleets, mining equipment, energy production, and even agriculture products. With IoT technology bankers can build a complete risk profile of clients in real-time rather than relying solely on analyst reports, financial reports, or actuarial tables. This will cover also topics including: usage based insurance, commercial realty, worker safety and liability, and commodities trading. It will both describe transformational use cases and serve as a call to action for professionals in the finance industry.

Open Industry


Gopakumar Nair (Moderator)
General Manager & Global Head - IOT Sales and Client Solutions
Ashis Khan Khan
Vice President, Business Development
Adebayo Onigbanjo
GE Transportation