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EI14 – IoT Gamification at McDonald’s Japan with Pokémon GO

Presentation of the gamification campaign launched by McDonald’s Japan in July 2016, using the new smartphone version of the popular game Pokémon GO, whose extraordinary success attracted the attention of social platforms, businesses, and academic audiences. The alliance between McDonald’s Japan and Niantic-Pokémon is a good example of the social impact of modern games based on IOT, geolocation and augmented reality, and how this can embody new business models and marketing strategies. For McDonald’s Japan, this alliance attracted a large number of new consumers to its restaurants at a trivial cost. The results for the company were immediate and significant: restaurants received 1.5 to 2 million new daily visits across its 3,000 locations in Japan, had an estimated sales increase of 22%, and earned an increase in market capitalization of 9.8%. 

Enabling IOT


Jorge Calvo
Deputy Dean, Professor Strategy, Operations Strategy, Industry 4.0 and Business research
GLOBIS University School of Management