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The IoT Solutions Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful projects that have been developed over the course of the year. The 2nd edition of the awards gala was held October 4th at the MNAC-National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona, and brought together the leading representatives of business and technology in the sphere of the worldwide Industrial Internet.

See the winners of the 2017 IoT Solutions Awards below!


An environmental monitoring solution that Intel has built along with close collaboration with Bosch for smart cities, industries, commercial/enterprise, residential application. It combines Intel IoT Gateway Technology with high accuracy gas sensors (COx, NOx, SO2, O3), PM sensors, environmental (temp, RH, noise, light, sound) in a rugged and temper proof enclosure designed for outdoor use.


Name of client running the IoT solution: Bosch


“Wireless batteryless self-powered maintenance-free compressor monitor platform

We monitor a compressor vibration using as power source a steam pipe. This heat is converted into electricity that it’s store in a super-cap. It powers our IOT device based on a System on Chip that integrates analog&digital, memory and a cortex M3 CPU.

Name of client running the IoT solution: REFINERÍA REPSOL PUERTOLLAN


‘Industrial IoT transformation builds new revenue streams with Connected Asset Management’

Accenture’s Connected Asset Management solution on Microsoft Azure IoT allowed Biesse to access real-time data from the field agents installed on machines in client’s factories. Through in-depth analytics and predictive maintenance based on legacy knowledge, Biesse will be able to reduce labor costs, and improve customer service, expanding their after-market business with new revenue streams.

Name of client running the IoT solution: Biesse Group


‘Time Sensitive Networks for Flexible Manufacturing’

Our Goal is to display the value and readiness of Time-Sensitive Networks (new IEEE standards) supporting real-time control & synchronization Our Vision is to enable Flexible Manufacturing for Industrial IoT and Industrie 4.0 through deployment of open, standard deterministic networks in production facilities.