Decreased cost of intelligent devices and increased computing power and capacity are transforming traditional energy and utilities industries. Companies need to transform their businesses in order to stay competitive and meet new market, regulatory and consumer demands. Best practices are needed to analyze data, monitor processes, conduct secure operations, extend the life of assets and improve productivity and safety.


For electric utilities, increasing demand for renewable energy solutions, smart grids, distributed energy resources and distributed energy storage systems, among other factors, is transforming the energy & utilities sector, from a centralized generation and delivery model to a dynamic one that requires data analysis, and real-time command decisions. For network operators, the priority is reliable and resilient electric supply and delivery. For market participants, the same priority at the lowest cost.


For oil, gas and chemical companies, energy resources with low cost of exploration, production and processing are increasingly rare. New IoT technologies and solutions optimize operations through predictive maintenance, remote asset monitoring, track & trace devices, emergency alerts and evacuation systems, and energy efficient facilities.


Our ‘Energy & Utilities’ Track will approach use cases and success stories of companies that are already applying IoT in their processes. Learn how companies are delivering interoperable, end-to-end IoT solutions to enhance productivity, solve critical problems and improve real-time decision making. See how a deeper level of interoperability, connectivity, and automation through IoT enables energy companies and utilities to be more agile, more flexible and efficient.


Increase mobile productivity for Field workers
Optimized Grid Distribution
Increased Response Time to Power Outages
Increase Reliability of Power Use
Pipeline Monitoring
Automated Workflows and Location Intelligence
Reduced Operating Costs and Fuel Consumption
Reducing Carbon Footprints


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