Disruption in the healthcare industry is accelerating even more rapidly due to the adoption of technologies now categorized as part of the “Internet of Things”.  With the plethora of new applications and devices connecting to traditional healthcare information systems, and healthcare organizations now inter-connecting—through ubiquitous and persistent network connectivity—the resulting data tsunami is forcing a transformation in how information is collected, aggregated, interpreted, and ultimately acted upon.


Come learn how the Internet of Things is changing healthcare.  Speakers will cover topics including “what works” as well as challenges such as emerging standards, the regulatory environment, and taming the complexity inherent to introducing new technology in healthcare.  We will share use cases, describing how healthcare organizations are already applying IoT to improve the delivery of care, clinical outcomes, and to drive operational efficiencies. Learn how companies are overcoming internal politics and regulatory issues on the path to connected healthcare. Discover healthcare wearables, security in mobile healthcare, and how to improve patient care through the efficient use and distribution of data.



Digital Hospital
Implementing Scalable Therapeutics
Automating Workflows Across the Continuum of Care
Clinical Command Centers
Remote Patient Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance of Hospital Equipment
Interoperability of Medical Devices
Wearable mHealth devices
Voice-enabled Hospital Concierge
Improving Disease/Population Management
Digital Patient Experience (AI, Voice, etc.)
Healing and Well-Being Designs
Blockchain, Data Interoperability and Secure Contracts (distributed ledger)


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