Exhibitor Opportunities


From 12 m2

Products & services included:

  • Space 12m2
  • Stand 3×4 m
  • Participation fee (495 €)
  • Insurance (63 €)

PRICE: 4,350 € + 280 €/m2

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Networking benefits:

  • 2 Congress passes (face value: 1,190 €)
  • 10 Exhibition Area-only passes (face value: 60 €)


  • Wall-to-wall gray carpeting, covered with plastic protector
  • 3m high walls of 1m-wide black melamine panels, with aluminum support posts between panels
  • 10cm x 10cm external support post painted red (only stands with 2-3 sides open)
  • 1m x 1m storage closet with lockable door
  • Company name in vinyl lettering on horizontal red panel at top of stand
  • 40cm x 30cm event logo on red panel


  • 100 W roating spotlight, provided at a ratio of 75 W per square meter
  • Electrical switchboard for up to 250 W, with one socket in base


  • 3 white Jacobsen-model chairs
  • 1 square white table
  • 1 modular black counter with lockable cabinet


From 30 m2

Products & services included:

  • Space 30m2
  • Stand 6×5 m
  • Participation fee (495 €)
  • Insurance (63 €)

PRICE: 12,450 € + 310 €/m2

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Networking benefits:

  • 4 Congress passes (face value: 1,190 €)
  • 10 Exhibition Area-only passes (face value: 60 €)


  • 30m2 constructed stand, 6x5m
  • Whole-floor red carpeting, with plastic protective cover until the opening of the conference
  • Raised flooring of 7cm
  • 300cm high walls, 19mm thick, painted in white
  • 50cm frieze for company name (1 per open side)
  • 2x1m storage closet, with lockable door
  • Company logo of 110x25cm approx. on the frieze (1 per open side)
  • Printed graphic of 110x155cm approx. (1 per open side)


  • LED lighting equivalent to 75w/m2 incandescent lighting
  • Electric box in storage closet
  • 1 double electric outlet in the storage closet
  • 1 double electric outlet in the counter
  • 500w in each double electric outlet


  • 1 round white table and 3 white Jacobsen chairs
  • 1 counter of 150x50cm + 150x50cm, painted white according to design, with inside shelving and 1 black barstool
  • 1 basic rubbish bin


From 60 m2

Products & services included:

  • Space 60m2
  • Participation fee (495€)
  • Insurance (63€)

PRICE: 26,850 € + 385 €/m2

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Networking benefits:

  • 8 Congress passes (face value: 1,190€)
  • 20 Exhibition Area-only passes (face value: 60€)


  • Storage closet of 3.50m2 approx by 3m high, including door, handle, and keys
  • Construction of a front tower 2.50m x 0.30m at 4.00m high
  • Construction of a reception counter of 1.50m x 0,50m with interior shelving finished in varnish. Interior decorative support of painted pine
  • Construction of 2 workstations with shared rear wall and two demonstration counters with doors
  • Decorative ceiling formed by a perimeter frieze painted white and a fireproof fabric sheeting in black or white

Electricity and Lighting:

  • Electric insallation is done within walls or under flooring to avoid a visual of the cable distribution
  • 5 outlet bases with triple surfaces
  • Electric box with 1’5 kw minimum
  • Lighting: halogen spotlights with cold white light of 150w for illumination of 100w/m2, plus one fluorescent light for storage closet


  • 3 round tables, 80cm in diameter each, with a wood structure and a white melamine surface
  • 12 chairs with wooden structure and white seats
  • 4 bar stools with chrome structure and white seats
  • 3 shelves in storage closet
  • Coat rack affixed to wall


  • 1 canvas frontlite of 2.30m x 2.00m high with digital printing for the front of the tower
  • 1 canvas frontlite of 1.80m x 2.00m high with digital printing for behind the storage closet
  • 2 exhibitor logos in cut vinyl of 1.75m long on the tower
  • 2 exhibitor logos in cut vinyl of 1.25m long on the wooden frieze
  • 2 exhibitor logos in cut vinyl of 1.00m long for the storage closet
  • 2 exhibitor logos in cut vinyl of 1.00m long on the reception counter


  • 1 LED screen of 40” with wall support
  • 2 LED screens of 32” with wall support


  • Initial stand cleaning before delivery
  • Includes remove of plastic carpet covering and vacuuming


Guarantee your presence in the event with one of our stand packs ensuring best value for money.

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