Eurecat presents the connected home which looks after your health

  • The Technology Centre will be revealing a remote system which monitors clinical parameters through devices connected to the internet.
  • Homes can also incorporate a home rehabilitation platform which uses Kinect games and other gadgets to monitor rehabilitation plans.

Barcelona, 25 October 2016.- Technology Centre Eurecat (member of TECNIO) will be presenting a home that looks after its inhabitants’ health through devices connected to the internet, which continuously monitors their vital signs, the personalization of their habits and routines, rehabilitation exercises or ensures that they keep good eating habits, at the IOT Solutions World Congress taking place in Barcelona from 25 to 27 October.


Specifically, Eurecat will be revealing a new monitoring system which makes it possible to take clinical parameters such as blood pressure, weight, heart rate, levels of glucose and temperature as well as respond to personalized questionnaires and consult these remotely from home or any location.

This new remote monitoring system, which comes under the name of ekenku, is ideal for keeping track of vital signs for those with chronic health issues or patients requiring this type of attention, such as those recovering from an acute illness or following surgery.

In the words of the eHealth director at Eurecat, Felip Miralles, this is a solution that is especially “transparent and easy to use by health professionals and users”, as it means that patients do not need to be hospitalized in certain cases prescribed by the doctor, because “they can be cared for from any location to prevent any adverse symptoms”.

Eurecat maintains their focus on SmartHome and eHealth with ekauri, an IOT solution which enables the personalization of habits and routines via a small group of wireless sensors located around the house, and takes particular care to ensure that privacy in the home is maintained. This system allows new services to be created in order to improve the quality of life, security and autonomy of elderly people, those with disabilities or dependence on others, who live or spend several hours home alone.

The connected home also incorporates the home rehabilitation platform integrating with Kinect games and other gadgets to monitor personalized rehabilitation plans from a remote station at a clinic.

Eurecat has also participated in the development of an intelligent robot to ensure that the elderly keep to their diets. It is called ChefMySelf, an intelligent cooking system that personalizes and automates the preparation of diets and is especially designed to ensure that elderly people keep healthy eating habits.

The robot provides tools to program weekly meals and recommends menus according to each user’s needs and whether they suffer from any type of illness. Using the weekly program, it generates a shopping list which shows up on the user’s mobile device. This machine also features functions that monitor daily calorie, vitamin and mineral consumption, so that users can control their dietary intake. To encourage social interaction, ChefMySelf offers a range of services allowing users to publish and comment on new recipes designed by users themselves, including interaction through messages.

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