Blockchain Solutions Forum



The Blockchain Solutions Forum is all about blockchain, the revolution that is effecting most private and public sectors. For the first edition, the Blockchain Solutions Forum will form an integrated part of the IOT Solutions World Congress.


The Expo will showcase the latest developments around blockchain, providing exhibitors a global reach. The 12 different International Blockchain Conferences enhance the connection with private and public sectors looking for the latest applications, solutions and use cases. The sessions will include a variety of formats: keynotes, panel sessions, interviews and round-tables.


In our conferences and special sections of the expo, top industry experts will present success stories of how blockchain will impact most public and private sectors. Use cases and live demos from sectors such as government, cities, ports, airports, financial & insurance services, business services, energy, logistics & supply chain management, healthcare, and music & entertainment.


In our dedicated ‘Manufacturing Pavilion’, use cases are presented of how blockchain will impact the manufacturing sector.


Digital Identities (KYC, Biometrics, Decentralized Identity)
Authentication (Biometrics)
Public Policy (Regulation, legal, privacy)
Interoperability (Standards, business processes & API’s)
Human Capital (Talent gap, education)
Coalitions (Ecosystems, partnerships, dao's)
Public good (Financial Inclusion, NGO’s, Non-profit)
IoT (Powering Connected Device Economy)
Finance (Legality, structure of ICOs, crypto currencies)
Security (data)


The blockchain developments will disrupt and enhance most public and private sectors and blockchain companies and consultants are reaping the rewards.
Join our event to exhibit your products and services and to present your latest developments in special sessions.  


A Case Study for Blockchain in Healthcare – “MedRec” prototype for electronic health records and medical research data:


The Land Registry in the blockchain – testbed: A development project with Lantmäteriet, Landshypotek Bank, SBAB, Telia company, ChromaWay and Kairos Future:


Fintricity. Case Study: Strategy and Delivery of Blockchain Technology For a Leading Oil & Gas Firm:


How blockchain is modernizing the financial services industry


Next IoT evolution will be sentient tools and cognition or predictive computing

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Putting Data at the Centre of Internet of Things (IOT)

Everybody knows that the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about the data. But I’m not so sure that that concept has really been fully thought through to its logical conclusions.  So what’s new? Well, current thinking would run along the lines that within the IoT ‘data’ will be made […]

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