2017 Congress Tracks

The Industrial IoT conference with a main focus on industry verticals, innovation and business transformation.

Join us at the world’s leading industrial IoT congress, where over 250 of the most innovative and influential thinkers will gather together to share use cases, present visions and highlight opportunities on how IoT is transforming business and industries today.

Learn more about the 3-day congress and our six conference tracks

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  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities

  • Connected

  • Healthcare

  • Buildings
    & Infrastructure

  • Open


Production processes throughout the supply chain, replenishment and tracking, robotics, etc.

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Energy consumption and advanced energy production, including more efficient consumption in buildings and optimized electricity grid operations.

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Connected Transport

Industrial Internet applications for operators, drivers and facilities to prevent unplanned equipment failure, crash prevention technologies, speed optimization for exact distribution chain timing, and automatic traffic re-routing; autonomous vehicles, etc.

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Monitoring, modeling and remote control and automation of medical equipment, diagnostics and treatment.

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Buildings Infrastructure

Wow factor applications of new technologies and processes that improve operations and bring new experiences for transformational results.

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Open Industry

Topics to include Big Data, Analytics, Storage, Protocols, the Cloud and Security.

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