Internet of Things in Energy & Utilities

Energy companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors, improve the efficiency of their operations, and ultimately capture future market share. At the same time Utility companies are faced with the advent of renewable and distributed power generation, both of which demand a more flexible smart grid that can handle multiple energy sources  (like wind and solar) in a decentralized and bi-directional network.

Learn how IIoT is creating a fundamental shift in advanced energy production and distribution technology, management and services while leveraging existing investments in infrastructure and operations. See how a deeper level of interoperability, connectivity, and automation through IIoT enables Energy companies and Utilities to be more agile, more flexible and efficient, improve outage management, enable automatic and remote fine-tuning, transform energy data into new services, prevent theft, predict asset performance, and smoothly integrate all types of energy in a connected system.


  • Performance Optimization
  • Storage & Analytics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Remote Monitoring & Reliability
  • Energy Optimization
  • Safety and Security
  • Decrease Downtime
  • Predictive Maintenance

The list of companies using IoT for Energy & Utilities is countless.

Make your company a participant of the IoT revolution. For more insights into how the Internet of Things is improving the Energy and Utilities industry, visit the IoT Solutions World Congress.

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White papers

Find here some examples about how energy & utilities are being revolutionized by the Internet of Things.

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