Internet of Things in Connected Transport

In increasing numbers, people are using public transportation and organizations are looking to improve and expand their transportation and logistics services. Whether in ground, rail, air or sea, IoT solutions are being developed and utilized to address traffic congestion, safety, pollution, and efficient transport of goods.

Learn how remote fleet management can increase the bottom line, improvements in public transit and autonomous vehicles can prevent accidents and reduce insurance costs, and how data collected from all means of transportation vehicles can assist in reducing transportation costs and increase on time deliveries.


  • Improving Efficiency of Air Travel
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles Smart Mobility
  • Multi-national perspectives of V2V and V2I
  • The Future of Transportation
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Mass Transit
  • Use & Management of Drones & AUV’s
  • Transportation Management

The future of transportation and logistics is transforming with the implementation of IoT solutions.

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White papers

Find here some examples about how transportation & logistics are being revolutionized by the Internet of Things.

INTERNET OF THINGS IN LOGISTICS DHL Trend Research | Cisco Consulting Services - A collaborative report by DHL and Cisco on implications and use cases for the logistics industry.

The Internet of Things and the Modern Supply Chain - Gregory Braun, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing C3 Solutions

Shipping smarter. IoT opportunities in transport and logistics - Matthew Lacey, Helena Lisachuk, Andreas Giannopoulos, & Alberto Ogura.

Building an Intelligent Transportation System with the Internet of Things (IoT) - Solution Blueprint by INTEL.

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