Call for Papers

IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Be one of over 250 leaders that will make up the 2017 portfolio that delivers the most comprehensive Industrial IoT use cases in the world.


6 Main Congress Tracks

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy &

  • Connected

  • Healthcare

  • Buildings
    & Infrastructure

  • Open

Learn How To Advance Through The Next Industrial Revolution

The adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things brings improved business outcomes to many, but it is not happening all at once and not without great effort. Networks are everywhere connecting devices with smarter and cheaper sensors. Cloud computing architectures offer less expensive data storage and new technologies and applications in data science will only improve the quality of data we have access to and the speed to which we receive it. This new revolution is increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, conserving resources and delivering a higher level of customer service.

IoT Solutions World Congress is committed to presenting industrial IoT use cases for the benefit of our attendees. Our attendees will learn how to build and finesse their IoT solutions through exposure to these presentations and learn how agile products, services, and networks can enable them through industrial transformation.

Be one of the leaders to present at the most comprehensive Industrial IoT conference in the world. Click on the track icons below to better understand our goals for each track and the topics we are looking to showcase.

6 Main Congress Tracks

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Connected Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Open Industry*

* This track will include Retail, Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Hospitality and others


All submissions must be a use case of an Industry IoT solution to be presented to the Program Committee for review, presentations that include an end user presenter will be given preference.

Who Can Participate

IoTSWC welcomes use case submissions from large corporations, small business, industry associations, academia, research, start-ups, government, and anyone who has a story to tell about how IoT improved business outcomes in an industrial environment.


Become a Speaker

What Makes Our Conference The Leader in Industry IoT?

We have a true working Program Committee, represented by high-level IoT and technology professionals, that are committed to developing the highest quality content for our attendees. They begin working on the upcoming year’s program immediately following our completed event. As a team they position and define the overall conference goals and then separate into to sub-committees by track in order to build and develop each session. Our sub-committees meet every two weeks throughout the year and once a month as a group to build and develop the leading IoT conference for Industry.

Committee Members Responsibilities

  • Work as a team to develop the overall goals and positioning for the conference program
  • Contribute use cases to the program
  • Review each Call For Paper submission
  • Recruit leading IoT speakers in industry
  • Work with recruited speakers to ensure presentations concentrate on real world use case presentations