2016 Speakers

IoT thought leaders from across the globe will be presenting on key topics and illustrate how solutions are impacting todays and tomorrows industries.

Below you will find our 2016 speaker list that will feature more than 250 key players from industry, academia and technology solution providers.

* The current speakers list may be subject to changes.


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  • A

  • Ulrich  Ahle

    Ahle, Ulrich

    Chief Executive Officer

    FIWARE Foundation

  • Francisco Javier Andrade

    Andrade, Francisco Javier

    Ramon y Cajal Research Fellow,Department of Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

    Universitat Rovira i Virgili

  • B

  • Jordi  Baiget Cantons

    Baiget Cantons, Jordi

    Minister of Business and Knowledge

    Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Jim  Bailey

    Bailey, Jim

    Global Managing Director, Accenture Mobility


  • Jonathan Ballon

    Ballon, Jonathan

    Vice President & General Manager

    Intel Corporation

  • Sukamal Banerjee

    Banerjee, Sukamal

    EVP & Global Head: High-Tech & Communications, HCL ERS: Global Business Unit Head: IoT WoRKS


  • Prith  Banerjee

    Banerjee, Prith

    EVP & Chief Technology Officer

    Schneider Electric

  • Bruno Basquin

    Basquin, Bruno

    SIMalliance Representative


  • Klaus Bauer

    Bauer, Klaus

    Head of Basic Technology Development

    TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG

  • Justin Beltramo

    Beltramo, Justin

    Global Head Manufacturing, IoT WoRKS


  • Malek Ben Salem

    Ben Salem, Malek

    R&D Manager

    Accenture Labs

  • Jesús Berdún Peñato

    Berdún Peñato, Jesús

    Project Manager

    Fundació TicSalut

  • Sam  Bhattarai

    Bhattarai, Sam

    Office of the CTO


  • David Blaszkowsky

    Blaszkowsky, David

    Managing Director

    Financial Semantics Collaborative

  • Stephan  Brand

    Brand, Stephan

    Senior Vice President

    SAP SE

  • Karl Bream

    Bream, Karl

    VP Corporate Strategy


  • Jack Brown

    Brown, Jack

    VP Product Strategy

  • Brett Burger

    Burger, Brett

    Principal Marketing Manager-National Instruments ? Monitoring Solutions

    National Instruments

  • Timothy Butler

    Butler, Timothy

    CEO & Founder

    Tego Inc

  • C

  • Michael M.  Campbell

    Campbell, Michael M.

    Executive Vice President

    Vuforia Studio in the Technology Platforms Group (TPG) at PTC

  • Bernardo Campillo Soto

    Campillo Soto, Bernardo

    Head of New IOT Business and Innovation


  • José Manuel Caramés Pons

    Caramés Pons, José Manuel

    Director of IoT Smart Mobility


  • Bryan Che

    Che, Bryan

    General Manager, Cloud Product Strategy

    Red Hat

  • Wu Chou

    Chou, Wu

    Vice President and CTO, Enterprise Network Product Line, Huawei Product Solutions


  • Greg  Conary

    Conary, Greg

    Senior VP, Head of Strategy, Industry Business

    Schneider Electric

  • Giulio Coraggio

    Coraggio, Giulio

    DLA Piper Studio Legale Tributario Associato

  • Mark Cotteleer

    Cotteleer, Mark

    Director, Center for Integrated Research

    Deloitte Services, LP

  • Irene Cramer

    Cramer, Irene

    Chief Product Owner

    Bosch Software Innovations

  • Mark Crawford

    Crawford, Mark

    Standards Strategist, SAP Strategic IP Initiatives


  • James Crawford

    Crawford, James

    EMEA Lead SAP IoT Development Acelerator


  • Laurent Cremer

    Cremer, Laurent

    Executive Director


  • D

  • Enrique de la Vega Rodrigo

    de la Vega Rodrigo, Enrique

    Digital Product Manager


  • Havard Devold

    Devold, Havard

    VP, Country Technology Manager


  • Leila Dillon

    Dillon, Leila

    VP Global Marketing and North American Channel


  • E

  • Kevin Eggleston

    Eggleston, Kevin

    GM of the Americas

    Hitachi Insight Group

  • F

  • Carles Ferrer

    Ferrer, Carles

    Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

    UAB/AEInnova SL

  • Ken Figueredo

    Figueredo, Ken

    IoT Ecosystem Strategist

    InterDigital, Inc.

  • Olivier Frank

    Frank, Olivier

    Senior Director, WW Moonshot and IOT Systems

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • G

  • Rakesh Gandhi

    Gandhi, Rakesh

    Vice President - IOT Global Lead - Transportation and Logistics

    SAP Labs

  • Christopher Ganz

    Ganz, Christopher

    IoTSP Program Manager


  • Sara Gardner

    Gardner, Sara


    Hitachi Insight Group

  • Sam George

    George, Sam

    Partner, Director

    Microsoft Azure IoT

  • Tony  Guerion

    Guerion, Tony


    Global Head of IoT Sales

  • Josep M.  Guerrero

    Guerrero, Josep M.

    Professor, Microgrid Research Programme Leader

    Aalborg University, Microgrids Research Programme

  • Juantxo Guibelalde Folch

    Guibelalde Folch, Juantxo



  • H

  • Steve Hanna

    Hanna, Steve

    Sr. Principal


  • Rafael Hoekstra

    Hoekstra, Rafael

    PhD candidate

    Universitat Rovira i Virgili

  • Luc Hossenlopp

    Hossenlopp, Luc

    CTO Energy Digitization

    Schneider Electric

  • Mark Hutchinson

    Hutchinson, Mark

    President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Europe

  • I

  • Colin I'Anson

    I'Anson, Colin

    HPE Fellow, Chief Technologist IoT EMEA

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Albert Isern

    Isern, Albert



  • J

  • Ivar Jacobson

    Jacobson, Ivar

    Chaiman and CTO

    Ivar Jacobson International

  • Cécile  Joannin

    Joannin, Cécile

    Metering and IoT Market and Product Manager

    Saft Civil Electronics Division

  • K

  • Kevin Kalish

    Kalish, Kevin

    IOT Analytics Domain Lead

    SAS Institute

  • Gabor Karsai

    Karsai, Gabor

    Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Vanderbilt University

  • Tilak Kasturi

    Kasturi, Tilak


    Predii, Inc

  • Jason  Kay

    Kay, Jason

    Chief Commercial Officer

    IMS Evolve

  • Jam Khan

    Khan, Jam

    Gemalto Software

  • Setrag Khoshafian

    Khoshafian, Setrag

    VP of BPM Technology

    Pegasystems Inc.

  • James Kirkland

    Kirkland, James

    Chief Architect, Internet of Things

    Red Hat

  • Guido Kragten

    Kragten, Guido

    Business Development Manager Education and Healthcare

    HPE Aruba EMEA

  • Randy Krotowski

    Krotowski, Randy

    Venture Partner

    Momenta Partners

  • L

  • Josep Lluís Larriba-Pey

    Larriba-Pey, Josep Lluís


    Sparsity Technologies

  • Edy Liongosari

    Liongosari, Edy

    Chief Research Scientist & Global Managing Director


  • Alessandro Lombardi

    Lombardi, Alessandro

    Digital Architect


  • Michael Loughlin

    Loughlin, Michael

    Founding Director

    Nelmia Robotics Insight

  • David Lozano

    Lozano, David

    Sales Manager, SE and Middle East


  • Jeff Lund

    Lund, Jeff

    Senior Director, Product Line Management, Industrial IT Division


  • Jason Lynch

    Lynch, Jason

    Director of IoT Strategy

    Analog Devices

  • M

  • Sastry Malladi

    Malladi, Sastry


    FogHorn Systems

  • Matthew Marson

    Marson, Matthew


  • Anton McConville

    McConville, Anton

    Developer Advocate | IBM Bluemix


  • Pratish  Menon

    Menon , Pratish

    Senior Manager, Customer Solutions - Smart Cities and IoT


  • Fernando Monzón Delgado

    Monzón Delgado, Fernando

    CTO everis_IoT


  • Carlos Morillo

    Morillo, Carlos

    Head of the Area of Development and Innovation

    Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, S.A.

  • N

  • Jayraj Nair

    Nair, Jayraj

    IoT Practice


  • Karthikeyan Natarajan

    Natarajan, Karthikeyan

    Global Head Engg, R and D, Digital and IOT

    Tech Mahindra

  • Hyleco Nauta

    Nauta , Hyleco

    Director eHealth Innovation

    University Medical Centre Utrecht

  • George Ng

    Ng, George

    Head of Advanced Analytics and IoT

    SAS Institute

  • Irina Niculicea

    Niculicea, Irina

    Management Consultant


  • Andrey Nikishin

    Nikishin, Andrey

    Head of Future Technologies Projects

    Kaspersky Lab

  • Gareth Noyes

    Noyes, Gareth

    SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

    Wind River

  • Thomas Nuth

    Nuth, Thomas

    Global Manager, Vertical Markets

    Moxa, Inc.

  • O

  • David Osborne

    Osborne, David


    Virgin Pulse

  • Marc Overton

    Overton, Marc

    Cisco Systems

  • Derek O´Halloran

    O´Halloran, Derek

    World Economic Forum

  • P

  • Lukasz Paciorkowski

    Paciorkowski, Lukasz

    Digital Solution Designer


  • Cyril Perducat

    Perducat, Cyril

    EVP IoT & Digital Services

    Schneider Electric

  • Greg Petroff

    Petroff, Greg

    Chief Experience Officer, GE Digital


  • Carlos Puig Toledo

    Puig Toledo, Carlos

    IoT Developer

    Alternative Energy Innovations SL

  • R

  • Enrique Ramos

    Ramos, Enrique

    Electric Competency Center Solution Architect

    Schneider Electric

  • Teppo Rantanen

    Rantanen, Teppo

    Executive Director, economic policy, innovation, education

    City of Tampere

  • Michael Raynor

    Raynor, Michael

    Managing Director

    Monitor Deloitte

  • Andy Rhodes

    Rhodes, Andy

    Vice President and General Manager

    Dell's Internet of Things (IoT) business, Dell

  • Olivier Ribet

    Ribet, Olivier

    Vice President High Tech Industry / Internet Of Things

    Dassault Systemes

  • John Roese

    Roese, John

    Executive Vice President of Cross-Product Operations and Chief Technology Officer

    Dell EMC

  • Nir Rostoker

    Rostoker, Nir

    Head of Product Management, Smart Connected Business


  • Maurizio Rovaglio

    Rovaglio, Maurizio

    Vice President Technology and Alliances Oil and Gas Segment - Global Solutions

    Schneider Electric

  • S

  • Ben Salama

    Salama, Ben

    Managing Director, Accenture Digital


  • Axel Saleck

    Saleck, Axel

    Academic Member

    IVI Japan

  • Arjmand Samuel

    Samuel, Arjmand

    Principal Program Manager


  • Stan Schneider

    Schneider, Stan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Real Time Innovations, Inc.

  • Dominik Schnieders

    Schnieders, Dominik

    Program Manager

    Deutsche Telekom

  • Sven Schrecker

    Schrecker, Sven

    Chief Architect, IoT Security Solutions


  • Michael Schuldenfrei

    Schuldenfrei, Michael



  • Rod Schultz

    Schultz, Rod

    VP Product

    Rubicon Labs

  • Sameer Sharma

    Sharma, Sameer

    General Manager, IoT New Market Development

    Intel Corporation

  • Keith Shea

    Shea, Keith

    Vice President, Alliances and Business Development

    Wind River

  • Deborah Sherry

    Sherry, Deborah

    General Manager of GE Digital Europe


  • Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji

    Shimotsuji, Shigeyoshi

    Corporate Vice President, Executive Vice President of Industrial ICT Solutions Company

    Toshiba Corporation

  • Matthew Short

    Short, Matthew

    R and D Principle


  • Arthur Silva

    Silva, Arthur

    Vice President, Segment and IoT Marketing Strategy

    Schneider Electric

  • Sudhi Sinha

    Sinha, Sudhi

    Vice President, Product Development

    Johnson Controls Inc

  • Dirk Slama

    Slama, Dirk

    Director Business Development

    Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

  • Jamie Smith

    Smith, Jamie

    Director of Embedded Systems

    National Instruments

  • Calvin Smith

    Smith, Calvin

    Business Lead, IoT Strategy and Principal Manager, Global Innovation and Portfolio Intelligence

    Dell Technologies

  • Richard Soley

    Soley, Richard

    Executive Director

    Industrial Internet Consortium

  • Alexander  Soley

    Soley, Alexander

    Connected Vehicle Analyst

    Dell Technologies

  • Arno Strotgen

    Strotgen, Arno

    Group Vice President, Customer Service, Robotics Business Unit


  • Michael Sullivan

    Sullivan, Michael

    Vice President, Healthcare Solutions

    Schneider Electric

  • Antonio Sánchez Zaplana

    Sánchez Zaplana, Antonio

    Engineer Manager


  • T

  • Said Tabet

    Tabet, Said

    Senior Technology Strategist, Corporate CTO Office

    Dell Technologies

  • Martin Tantow

    Tantow, Martin

    General Manager, EMEA


  • Dave Thomas

    Thomas, Dave

    Chief Scientist/CSO

    Kx Systems

  • Blaine Tookey

    Tookey, Blaine

    Technology Principal


  • Teresa Tung

    Tung, Teresa

    Technology Fellow


  • V

  • Marshall Van Alstyne

    Van Alstyne, Marshall

    Coauthor: Platform Revolution

    Everett Lord Distinguished Scholar: Boston University

  • Ingrid Vieira

    Vieira, Ingrid

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Nicola Villa

    Villa, Nicola

    Executive Partner and Europe Leader, Internet of Things

    IBM Global Business Services

  • Katherine Voss

    Voss, Katherine



  • W

  • Libby Wayman

    Wayman, Libby

    Global Director of Innovation, Ecomagination

    General Electric Company

  • Martin Whitmarsh

    Whitmarsh, Martin


    Land Rover BAR

  • Stefan Wijnen

    Wijnen, Stefan

    Health Industry Solution Manager Worldwide


  • Bruce Williams

    Williams, Bruce

    Vice President, Business Lines Leader

    Pegasystems Inc.

  • Y

  • Marcelo Yannuzzi

    Yannuzzi, Marcelo

    Chief Strategy Office


  • Fred Yentz

    Yentz , Fred

    Chief Executive Officer

    Telit IoT Platforms

  • Antoni Yuste Marco

    Yuste Marco, Antoni

    Director of Research, Innovation and Teaching of the Hospital Consorci Sanitari del Garraf

    Consorci Sanitari del Garraf

  • Zia Yusuf

    Yusuf, Zia

    Partner and Managing Director

    Boston Consulting Group

  • Z

  • Ron Zahavi

    Zahavi, Ron

    Chief Strategist for IoT Standards