As a burgeoning set of everyday “things” continues to join the IoT landscape, a richer connection between the intelligent cloud and the physical world is being established. The most interesting and intriguing aspect of the Internet of Things becomes the world of humans that use it. IoT and AI enable new ways to model and interact with the physical environments in ​which we live, play and work. In a world where the environment becomes an inherent active participant in the experience, the ways in which we use, navigate, measure, operate, and service physical spaces are changing dramatically. This affects how building owners, operators, occupants, and visitors interact with office, education, retail, hospital, hospitality, stadium, campus, and city environments.


The term “Smart Building” used to be entirely focused on operational efficiency. IoT technology embedded within building infrastructures continues to change the way energy, water, heating, ventilation, maintenance and security are supplied. Smart lighting and temperature systems, smart metering, intelligent sensors, and collected data from various systems and devices, contribute to improving operational performance and lower costs. Remote monitoring and predictive analytics help detect and avoid possible failures.


In our ‘Buildings & Infrastructure’ track, top companies will present use cases about the proliferation of smart spaces based on the Internet of Things (IoT).Discover how the use of less expensive sensor technology and the management of infrastructures through connected devices, are revolutionizing the sector.


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Microsoft: Data analytics and smart buildings increase comfort and energy efficiency: