As a world leading IoT event we feel that we should contribute to society, education, industry and other levels.

This is why we have created the IOTSWC Legacy program.

We will create a STUDY to analyze market trends, gather information and get a broader view of the industrial IoT’s potential, benefits and impact across different industries and regions.

This initiative will explore the infinite opportunities the cutting-edge IOT technology offers to professionals to solve social challenges and improve the citizens’ quality of life. Powered by Intel platforms, the Hackathon participants will be teamed up and be immersed in this two-day Hackathon deploying a specialized developers kit with dedicated support teams. The winning team will make a final presentation in the end of the Hackathon-run and during the IOTSWC.

We want to support the SME companies by giving them access to the most modern and advanced IoT solutions and technologies that will help them to grow and gain competitive advantage. During the 3 days of the event we will set up an IOT TOUR for interested companies to visit companies and infrastructures where IoT is being used today and experience how these new technologies can help them improve their business and daily tasks.