Intel – IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon

co organizers hackathon Intel Corporation and the IoT Solutions World congress co-organize the Intel – IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon, which will take place in the Framework of the IOTSWC Legacy program. With this kind of initiatives, the IoT Solutions World Congress positions itself, not only as a world-leading industrial IoT event, but also as a hub of innovation.

Beyond its revolutionary impact in business and industries, IoT has enormous potential to respond to critical problems in modern day societies. In this IoT Hackathon you will develop creative and innovative industrial solutions that will have a social application. You will have access to technologies at the edge, the gateway and into the cloud and innovate using the Intel® IoT Platform with support from Intel tech teams.

Themes lines are as follow:

Access to healthcare: how to provide health services to general population, especially population-at-risk; new technologies to enhance patient care (in the house or also in hospitals), process optimization/modernization in health centers introducing IoT

Environment and resources: monitoring/control/quality improvement of air, energy and water

Education: improve skills of students in the context of a digital society

Transportation: improvement of city traffic, public transport management, etc.

Duration: From October 23, 9:00 am non-stop until October 24, 5 pm Venue: Fira Barcelona, Gran Via Venue, Hall 2 Number of participants: 250 people Profile of participants: Developers and tech enthusiasts