2017 Side Events

The IoT Solutions World Congress hosts a number of side events, organized by our sponsors, exhibitors, ambassadors and other partners. From 2-5 October 2017, several activities related to IoT will take place in the context of the event. These initiatives will help the visitors make the most of their visit to the IOTSWC 2017.


These events are hosted by our Diamond / Silver sponsors.

Telit IoT Innovation Summit

Organizer: Telit, IOTSWC17 Diamond Sponsor

When: Monday, October 2, 12:00pm – 7:30pm

Telit is pleased to announce the Telit IoT Innovation Summit, in partnership with the IoT Solutions World Congress. Join us on October 2, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain where you will have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of business leaders, executives, engineers and developers who want to leverage the expertise of the Telit IoT ecosystem.

Innovative technology in IoT is shifting business strategies and changing the way we live, work and play. Companies like yours are looking to accelerate time to market and ignite profound business transformation centered on IoT Solutions. The Telit IoT Innovation Summit is set to guide you through real-world IoT use cases from industries using IoT to revolutionize the way they operate. Telit IoT Innovation Summit is a one-day, IoT immersion event that showcases insightful keynotes and breakout sessions focusing on smart solutions and tools, technologies and resources.

  • Find new ways to reduce complexity and increase effectiveness throughout your organization
  • Gain valuable insights into critical industry topics and next-gen technology
  • Hear from IoT business leaders as they share real-word use cases and success stories
  • Discover new ideas to help you stay ahead of your competition
  • Network with the brightest innovators in IoT

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Events hosted by our Event Ambassadors, influential clusters and associations representing different industries & technologies, standards, development, education and research.

ABINC IOT Brazil BCN: Challenges and Opportunities for IOT in a continental and emerging economy

Organizer: ABINC – Brazilian IOT Association, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Monday, October 2, 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Where: Room 1.4

ABINC, the Brazilian Association of IOT a non-profit national organization is taking to IOTSWC17 a delegation of executives from large Brazilian corporations (“end-users”) and the Public Sector interested on implementing IOT Solutions in areas such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy, Health, Natural Resources, and other.
IOT companies and professionals (solution providers) interested on doing business in Brazil will have the chance to network with this special group of Brazilian executives and also learn more
about the challenges and opportunities of the Brazilian IOT market.
It is also planned a presentation about the current landscape of regulation in Brazil for IOT and the results of the IOT National Plan (Plano Nacional de IOT).

Come to meet our Brazilian delegation and learn more about the IOT opportunities in Brazil.

Target audience:

  • For people and companies interested on doing business in the IOT Brazilian market this is a great networking opportunity. For joining us and attending the event please contact us in the link below.
  • We have spots open for presentations of companies on this event.

For more information, please visit: http://iotbrazilbcn2017.abinc.org.br

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry 4.0

Organizer: enerTIC, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Wednesday, October 4, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Where: Room 5.1

New technologies are driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. The digitization of factories and their production models offer the opportunity to improve competitiveness and sustainability. Connected manufacturing processes and the application of emerging technologies as Internet of Things, Predictive Analysis or Advanced Robotics open the door to new productive models: servicing and manufacturing on demand, optimization of processes, resources and energy, etc.

The energy-saving potential of new technologies and innovation applied to the world of manufacturing are great opportunities in the new digital era. Driving a more digital industry that prioritizes energy savings and efficiency is part of the EU 2020 Strategy. Innovation opens a window of opportunity to reduce energy consumption, which can become a competitive factor in sort term.

In this Forum, Strategic Consulting, Technology manufacturers, Engineering and TOP Integrators and Energy Companies will offer their vision and experiences.

The four sessions of conferences that will be included are the following:

1. Digital Transformation for a More Competitive Industry: Strategic Vision.

2. Technologies Applied to Energy Efficiency: IoT, Big Data, Robotics, Augmented Reality, AI, Machine Learning…

3. Innovation and experiences to boost Smart Factories.

4. Energy companies, suppliers or strategic partners in the 4th Industrial Revolution?


Sign up for the event:

Please provide link or a contact email to foros2017@enerTIC.org

Annual meeting 4.0 Industry Comission - Enginyers de Catalunya

Organizer: Enginyers de Catalunya, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Thursday, October 5

Where: Press Area Auditorium

This is an event in which essentially will gather all active engineers in the working groups of the Commission.


Sign up for the event:

Please provide link or a contact email/contact person to info@coneixement.eic.cat


Industrial Meeting, the landmark business gathering of the Catalan industry

Organizer: Foment del Treball, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Thursday, October 5, 10:30am – 2:00pm

Where: Room 3.11, CC3

This year’s event will congregate entrepreneurs and managers from all productive sectors that internalize the so-called ‘Industry 4.0’ criteria into their corporate strategies. The purpose of the meeting is to unveil the opportunities that this new production system, based on autonomous and flexible connected facilities, can offer.

Catalan industry prioritizes investment and resource allocation towards digital transformation, one of the main challenges in the coming years. We already have the necessary technologies to make it possible: Internet of Things, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, robotics, sensorization, virtual and augmented reality or Big Data. However, some challenges remain such as integrating the new technologies intelligently in industrial processes, the impact on the training of managers or the quality of employment.

On this special occasion, and within the Industrial Meeting framework, we will complement the typical round tables where entrepreneurs illustrate, with practical examples, how to face the industry of the future and the dynamic adaptation process that is being held; with guided tours for those who are Interested in learning in situ about the latest innovations and trends presented at the IoT Solutions World Congress.

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For more information, please send an email to Timea Horvath / thorvath@firabarcelona.com

IoT Catalan Alliance: Connecting to a Smart future

Organizer: i2cat, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Wednesday, October 4, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Press Area Auditorium

As many know, The IoT Catalan Alliance is promoted by the Government of Catalonia as one of the initiatives within the SmartCAT strategy to promote this new sector in our country.

The last year our main objective was introduce The IOT Catalan alliance an our main technological stakeholders, this year we want to led all the attendees through all the results we have obtained with many dynamics done with the IoT Catalan Alliance members and big companies, and how this came up with some needs and challenges on the Health and logistics field.

We are so excited to introduce a new section this year where the most successful cases of the IoT Catalan Alliance members will be presented to all the audience, showing how the Internet of things therefore transforms the media industry, companies and even governments, opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness.

For more information and registration details:

Contact Briceida Barroso / briceida.barroso@i2cat.net

El impacto de la fotónica en los sectores Salud & Farma

Organizer: SECPhO (IOTSWC17 Ambassador) + EPRISE Consortium

When: Tuesday, October 3, 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: Room 1.4

The EPRISE consortium, involving up to 9 different countries is organizing a meeting to discuss and present barriers, challenges and opportunities of Photonics in Life Sciences. Special focus will be put on pharmaceutical applications.

Moreover, regional and/or national policies will be invited in order to discus, evaluate, analyse and propose current and future strategies in order to support photonics. Experiences from exit cases will be presented as well.

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Light technologies in transport, manufacturing, energy & environment: Success stories on cross sectorial innovation

Organizer:  SECPhO (IOTSWC17 Ambassador) RESPICE SME Consortium

When: Thursday, October 5, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Room 1.4

This meeting will bring discussions and solutions for photonics in the important industries of Transport, Manufacturing, Energy and Environment. The RESPICE SME consortium will drive this event and provide the knowledge and key photonics players around Europe, while other clusters and companies from the other industries will provide their feedbacks on needs, challenges and experiences with photonics and barriers they are facing.

Sign up for the event:

Please contact David Camps / david.camps@secpho.org


How to Build Secure, Highly Reliable Critical Systems and Networks for the IoT

Organizer: Trusted Computing Group, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Tuesday, October 3, 9:30am – 12:00pm

Where: Room  5.1

Convergence of critical systems with those connected to the broader Internet are creating massive security concerns, real and anticipated. Even for less critical infrastructure, the potential for sensitive personal and corporate data, intellectual property and other information to be lost, held ransom or corrupted presents unacceptable risks for companies.

This session at the IoT Solutions World Congress Oct. 3, 9:30-12:00 p.m.  hall CC5, room 5.1 will address how developers and designers of networks, systems and “things” can deploy techniques to better secure data.  The critical role of trust and how it is used in security, along with an overview of applicable standards and techniques, will be delivered. Experts from Trusted Computing Group also will address how to ensure identity and security of very constrained “things” and using available APIs for encryption, authentication, device identity and integrity.

Attendees also can see examples of these solutions in action with demonstrations from various TCG members. More info here.

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For more information, please contact Anne Price / anne@prworksonline.com

Zigbee Technology Session

Organizer: The Zigbee Alliance, IOTSWC17 Ambassador

When: Tuesday, October 5, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Room 5.2

The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established in 2002, our wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play. With our members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions, we are leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.

During this half-day workshop, alliance executives and members will discuss:

  • Why companies choose and continue to choose Zigbee
  • Zigbee technology success stories
  • The future of Zigbee technology

Through our proven zigbee PRO technology and our application layer, dotdot, we are making interoperability a reality. dotdot represents the next chapter in the zigbee alliance’s continued commitment to create and evolve open standards for the smart networks in our homes, businesses and neighborhoods.

With over 400 member companies, 2,000 certified products, and hundreds of millions of zigbee devices around the globe, zigbee gives consumers the assurance that their products will work together.

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